Irreverent in the Hospital

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  • xenawarrior

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((Irreverant))))))))))))))))))) I hope you are feeling better really soon. You have some autographs to collect in July so rest up !!!!


    My thoughts are with you both !!!!


  • Xandria

    God! that is scary. Sending hope and good vibes...Xandria

  • Prisca

    Hugs and loving thoughts for both of you.

  • Dansk

    Hi Blondie,

    For what it's worth, my wife, Physio, has arrhythmia - though it is significantly better. I've known Physio's heart-rate jump to a whopping 220 beats per minute (for those who don't know, the average is 70-80). Was I worried? Well, first I made sure I knew where the insurance policies were kept - then I 'phoned for the ambulance!

    Seriously, many people suffer from the condition and some take medication. Physio doesn't - and hasn't had a bad period for some time now! I think, at least in her case, it could be stress-related. She is definitely a LOT better since leaving the Borg, but obviously each situation is different.

    I have to say her condition got me worried on a couple of occasions - but then she'd be up and about as though nothing had happened! I also know of a lady (a JW) who's had the condition virtually all her life, is married with two grown up children (she's about 70 now) and I still see her walking all over town.

    So, don't worry!!

    Love to you both,


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I hope everything turns out for the best blondie.

    You hit it right on the head, life is fragile! Where here one second and gone the next. I live in a community where most people are related so I'm in constant touch with all types of news, sickness and multiple deaths are common here.

    This past week my eldest son injured his leg on a construction site in Boston. He had surgery and his leg is in its intials stages of healing. He could have lost his leg if it were not for other extenuating circumstances. Yes, life is fragile and we take it toooo much for granted.

    Guest 77

  • Shakita


    I hope that your husband is feeling much better. Heart problems can be scary! Mr. Shakita has been going through some tests on his heart because of some problems he has been having lately. You are right about how fragile life is. Just take it one day at a time and we will be thinking about you both. Take care.

    For Irreverent

    Mrs. Shakita

  • berylblue

    Blondie, my thoughts are with you.


  • Undecided

    Hi Blondie,

    My neice had a condition like that and they would have to stop her heart and restart it. She got so tired of having to do that, so she had an operation at Duke Hospital. It was risky but it solved her problem. I think they had to kill some nerve in her heart and it was not assured that it would work. Anyway she is fine now and it worked better than anticipated.

    Hope it goes well with your husband.

    Ken P.

  • acsot

    Dear Blondie I'm so sorry to hear about Irreverent! Give him a hug for me. My boss also has heart arrythmia, and also went through shock therapy on his heart about a year ago. He's fine, still the Managing Partner of the firm where I work, still traveling, still working out, so although scary it's manageable with medication and other treatments.

    What a scary time for you - my thoughts are with you (((((((((((((((Blondie))))))))))))))

  • Jourles

    Tell your hubby to get well. You two are in my thoughts.

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