Marc & Cora on YouTube causing unnecessary divisions

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  • joe134cd

    That is one thing Wt has got over apostates. They have a united front. It may be faked, forced or phoney but Wt is united. Apostates are just to fragmented.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Respectful and peaceful disagreement is something that ex-JWs never learned from their time in Watchtower. They were indoctrinated to believe that there can be no harmony and unity unless all have the same beliefs. They were indoctrinated to believe that there is one correct way and those disagreeing with it are divisive troublemakers. They equate disagreement with division and rebellion and strife. They see those disagreeing with them as being bad.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
      That is one thing Wt has got over apostates. They have a united front. It may be faked, forced or phoney but Wt is united. Apostates are just to fragmented.

      I disagree. True unity is the ability to work together despite having differences and while respecting others's differences. Watchtower does not have that. Watchtower has a stifling, dystopian, enforced conformity.

      They foolishly think that disagreement is a bad thing. It's not. An environment in which disagreement is permitted and respected, is an environment that is friendly to new ideas - an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. An environment with enforced conformity is one of intellectual stagnation where needed changes and innovation come very, very, very slowly - perhaps too late.

      I personally don't think banning is the solution. Mandatory public education in critical thinking, the dangers of coercive persuasion and cults in general, is.

    • problemaddict 2
      problemaddict 2

      Some people simply have no idea how to debate the merits of an idea, without debating the merits of the person that has that idea right along with it. I could care less about X-JW squabbles. But.....good job being exactly what the WT says you are if you are belittleing people and being petty publicly.

      I have no clue how any normal human being can be "for" the ban in Russia. Standing behind a solid human rights abuser such as the Russian state and Putin makes the Ex community look fairly unhinged. It doesn't appeal to the thought that "apostates" are NOT fire breathing negative sources of all things anti-JW. All of a sudden the entire world is sympathetic to JW's. Nobody is talking about the ARC, or further findings, they are talking about this poor group with little old ladies being dubbed "extremist". Putin is doing the GB's work for them. Thinking this is a victory for those that wish to see the organization lose its grip on the thinking of the largely innocent rank and file, is wrong headed. Its the opposite.

    • sparky1

      I agree with you Island Man. Jehovah's Witnesses take Jesus words at Matthew 12:30 to the extreme: "He that is not with me is against me.' (K J V). It creates an 'us against them' mentality within the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses. I think a more elegant solution for the ex-Jehovah's Witness community could be: " He that is not against me is for me." That way, we all could be more open and accepting of each others possibly conflicting viewpoints and learn something from each other. Therefore, we would be united in the one idea that Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong, yet hold differing viewpoints as to why we feel this way without attacking each others viewpoint and motives.

    • Witness My Fury
      Witness My Fury

      Rummage thru his posting history if you need to see him in action:

      I havent bothered but assume it is mostly all still there. Dont get me wrong, he does some excellent work, but his time on here he really was quite shitty.

    • Xanthippe

      I can't stand more than 3 minutes of these, so boring, so rambling.

    • Finkelstein

      There seems to be a bit of jousting competition of who's the best anti-jws that's got it all right.

      Some the loudest arrogance of this competition is being played out in places like YouTube, but as others have already said this bantering does not help to get the REAL message and information across to the listeners and viewers, in a matter of fact it weakens the information and sincerity.

      One thing to note is being this religious organization has disturbed so much of people's people lives especially involving families, its not too surprising that people's emotions go off a little at times, we are all only human after all.

    • elderINewton

      Its nice that people can disagree and not be united in this issue. How one builds a bridge to understanding another person's viewpoint is not easy. Doesn't matter if your in or out.

      I understand their opinion, and Cedars as well. I think they are closer to each other than they might be willing to admit. They just need to build a bridge to understand each other.

    • OUTLAW

      That is one thing Wt has got over apostates. They have a united front.

      Only Because..


      Any JW, Relentlessly Disagreeing With WatchTower..


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