Jehovah's Witnesses Feel Superior To Others. What About EX-JW's???

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  • minimus

    Everyone knows the smugness that JW's have. "Everyone is going to die except us because WE ONLY have the truth." Do you think that ex-Witnesses continue this same smugness once they get out and realize what really is the truth?

  • Lutece

    I know I used to be more smug as a witness, but having to explain that I was wrong and that I was sorry to nearly all my family and friends has really humbled me. They were so understanding and good about it too. It feels so good to start fresh. I was smug as a witness, but also more fearful of death, more guilt stricken over minor things and less confident. Letting go of the negative feelings has made me realize even more that it wasn't backed by a loving heavenly father.

  • JH

    No, absolutely not. Ex-witnesses don't feel superior.

    Ex-witnesses now realize that they were wrong and know that everyone will die one day. What lies after, is unknown to all.

    Ex-witnesses start to live and have dreams again of having a nice life and aren't waiting for a maybe kingdom in who knows when.

  • TresHappy

    I don't feel superior to anyone or anything. What a snob I could be when I was a JW - my nose was so far up in the air at times I almost did back flips.

  • JT

    i would have to say the far majority don't when you go from thinking and believing that 6 billion folks will die unless they sell books on sat morning to realizing that folks are just folks- it is hard to feel superior

    esp for RELIGIOUS REASON, now some may feel superior to others NOW DUE TO education, money jobs , BMW- but for most i think that has changed

    i recall this one poster his is a well know apostate, i love him to death but when he was posting he continued to IN MY VEIW gloat on his education- while many of us were proud that he had gotten out of wt and went on to get this PHD, it was the way he continued to cite I AUTHORED THIS PAPER AND THAT PAPER AND MY EDUCATION, ETC

    and at first it was cool but he kept on and after awhile a number of us had to pull his chain, he is on the WITNESS FOR JEHOVAH TAPE

    i love his work and what he has done, but he was putting the education PHD thing on a little too heavy

    now he may not even have realise how he sounded, but that was how it came off- but he is a good man and has helped alot of folks including me-

  • Sargon

    I feel superior. But it's got nothing to do with my witness days. I just like to be truthful

  • JT
    I feel superior. But it's got nothing to do with my witness days. I just like to be truthful

    U R A SICK PUPPY hey i love it-- great post

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    When I was a JW I felt superior to other people especially ex-JWs

    Now I am the very bottom of the bottom of THEIR pail an ex-JW APOSTATE


    But .... and I just love this. Just because THEY think I am lower than pond scum doesn't mean I am.

    I am just me - no better - no worse than the next person. All equal in the eyes of God. I have more compassion for them than I ever had for non-JWs before. Now I am allowed to be the real me - to think and say and do what comes from my heart and soul aaaaah Yup that word. Interesting teaching that they don't have a soul. Seems to bury the humainity in them.

    Nice to know it is in there somewhere waiting for freedom to set it free.

  • Shutterbug
    i love his work and what he has done, but he was putting the education PHD thing on a little too heavy

    Scratch any PHD and you will find an arrogant pain in the south end. On the other hand, having bought into the WTBTS hook line and sinker at one time and then seeing where you were so wrong, should be a humbling experience for anyone. A lot of folks on this board are not PHD's but they are no less intelligent.

    Valis is working on his PHD and I sincerely hope he proves my above statement wrong. Right now he is a good guy, let's see if the degree changes you Valis.

  • gitasatsangha

    I dont know. I don't think i'm superior to other's anymore and I doubt many other X's would. It feels like being a little fish in a big pond once leaving the witnesses, then again it's fun to swim for a change.

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