Jehovah's Witnesses Feel Superior To Others. What About EX-JW's???

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  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Yep. just like Witnesses loathing the world because they kill people, destroy families, wreak mental havoc, etc. etc. You make my case though I don't expect you to acknowledge it because you're just as blind about it as most Witnesses.

  • blacksheep

    Interesting question. At first I was about to respond that I only feel superior to JW's because I was raised as one, know their doctrines, including their secret agendas intimately, and had the courage and convictions to get out in spite of an incredible amount of family and general psychological pressure. For this courage, what was unleashed upon me from my family were diatribes about unfaithfulless, selfishness, apostacy, not living up to my dedication (which I made at the ripe old age of 13)... IMO my own family, bolstered by this unforgiving religion abandoned me. Do I feel superior to them? Yes, honestly I think I do. Otherwise, I don't think I could deal with the lonliness and the need to create my own life after abandoning the fallacy of my upbrining.

    As an ex-JW, I AM highly opinionated on a few issues. I think those strong opinions stemmed in part from my being raised as a JW, be repressed in so many issues, realizing that my family's belief systems were a lie. I think most people just naturally develop a strength of convinctions, which can at time come out negatively as skepticim, cynicim, smugness, etc.

    I honestly do not feel superior to other people/groups (other than the JW's). I don't think I can escape this feeling of superiority of JWs at this point in my life because of my experience. Maybe I'll grow out of it:).

  • gumby
    You make my case though

    What case?

  • shamus

    When I was a JW, I was a dink. I could not do enough, and was always feeling guilty - the only way to make me feel better was to be as perfect as possible.

    Now, its emberassing. I don't even think that I am above JW's anymore, or anyone. When they come to my door, I feel sorry for them.

  • j61tabby

    As an Ex witness I do not feel superior to anyone else, neither did I when I was a witness. I have always felt everyone should believe in God their own way, even if individuals don't believe. We live in a country of freedom and religious freedom is something I believe in. No one should feel superior to anyone. We are all equal.

  • Jerry Bergman
    Jerry Bergman
    My response to for his logic-twisting creationist bent
    is one valid example please??? This statement is name calling. Why are so many on here so opposed to the idea that there may be a God who has had a role in the universe? How is arguing for this idea logic-twisting creationist bent?
  • Jerry Bergman
    Jerry Bergman
    In response to when he was online someone looked up the college that gave him his PHD and the info on the school was kinda--- how can i say this--- questionable- but hey if it floats his boat
    my Ph.D. is from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Wayne is a state University and was founded around the middle 1800's. It is fully accredited. Also, do you people realize the Hell one goes through as a Witness who went on to graduate school??? It is not fun. I should do a paper on this. Graduate students are not as bad a adulterers but very close (and worse in the minds of some). I understand that this has changes in the past 10 years or so.
  • minimus

    Jerry, I don't know exactly why what you say gets a few going. I like Wayne State University.

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