New Disfellowshipping Procedure

by Anna Marina 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    If you are in the know, you know so and so is df'd. You have to be part of a secret clique to get the correct info.

    But like I said waiting for confirmation.

    Ah Finkelstein - is this the new headship arrangement?

  • RubaDub

    Yes I just heard of this new procedure, a bit shocking to say the least

    @Mr Finkelstein ...

    Yes, I heard about that for brothers involved in fornication.

    The lower, hanging down parts are put into a Society-approved container and then quickly removed to reduce the number of future "problems".

    Afterwards, it will be up to the local body of elders whether to refer to the person as a brother or a sister. Instead of he or she, our CO suggested it may be best to refer to the person as "it".

    In any case, standing up when peeing will be a memory from the past.

  • Overrated

    When I was on my way out of this cult an uber sister wanted to get some eldubs to get me DF ed . I told her to go ahead I don't give a fuck. They can piss off.

  • WTWizard

    It would be high time for me to disfellowship the whole organization--for supporting a program of global enslavement. They are trying to donate everyone'e energy toward all of us being enslaved--and it will be way worse than any of this slavery was back in colonial America.

  • eyeuse2badub

    No DF'ing would cause the borg to lose control of the sheeple if they no longer had the "fear factor" at their disposal. I don't think it's happening!

    But then again if it could have some future negative affect on the financials of the borg, such as losing their tax exempt status, you can bet your ass that DF'ing will go the way the "this generation" teaching. New light from above will shine down on the gb!

    just saying!

  • RubaDub

    Perhaps to make the DF process less offensive to people outside of the organization, they can make a loving provision that they will add more Vaseline and remove the sand and gravel when you get screwed.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    WTWizard - I did disfellowship them. I got in first. Then they did me. But they didn't care about me df'ing them. What they got really upset about was an interview I did with an elderly sister, Christine who got disfellowhsipped for just asking the elders about the child abuse issue. That was because it showed them up as the bullies they were.

    But I wouldn't have been free to do the interview with Christine IF I hadn't df'd them first. And when I talk about disfellowshipping I mean in harmony with Jesus' instructions, not the Watchtower's version.

  • slimboyfat

    I like your accent, it reminds me of my great aunt from Hereford and Wiltshire. She’s still a JW, the last time I heard. I’ve not seen her for nearly 20 years. She’s a very kind woman.

  • Justaguynamedmorph

    This smells like complete nonsense. There is no point in df’ing if nobody knows.

  • RubaDub

    This smells like complete nonsense. There is no point in df’ing if nobody knows.


    Yea. Sort of like being on double-secret probation and no one knows. You never say hello to anyone at the KH and shun everyone since they may be DF'd. You sit in the back row of the KH and leave immediately after the meeting to avoid any potential bad association.

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