Would You Ever Go Back To The Witnesses??

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  • Diogenesister
    If I was free to laugh out loud at anything anytime,

    LoL 🤣now that I would go back for OTWO !! just to see their faces when I do (which would be constantly) !!🤣🤣

  • StoneWall

    I would go back on one condition....that WTWizard had to go also and say some stuff at the Hall like he does on here.

    Things such as:
    Libel instead of Bible
    Field circus/field serve us instead of field service
    Wash Towel bible and crack society instead of Watchtower bible and tract society
    The hounder hounders instead of Elders
    Circus overseer instead of Service overseer
    Jokehover instead of Jehovah
    And many, many more that I've laughed out loud at over the years when reading over his comments.
    Just the look on the audience when he says some of these would be worth my gas money on driving to the hall.

    But as for going back to stay,no thank you I've built my time in their fantasy land and now and forever more will be free.

  • LV101

    StoneWall - I agree ^^^^ - hilarious. This Board has incredible comedic value as well as facts re/the cult. Many would pay money just to come on here.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I departed in April 2017 and haven't been back either in person or virtually! Will never go back. This year was unusual in that I received several memorial invites. I can't go back and have no wish to as...

    • JW teachings are capricious.
    • Literature and Bible translations are wanting.
    • GB and branches encroaching into congregations via media is distasteful
    • Local and national govt portrayed as agents of Satan in context of investigating orgs child abuse but as God's minister when investigating others!
    • Fraternity conditional upon being acquiescent with BoE decisions and deferential to them as individuals without equivocation
    • Branches and GB are being dishonest with Cong's re rationale for sale of KHs.
    • BoEs manifest disposition of sentinels / Mutawa, rather than the shepherds which they portray themselves as
    • In many respects, the leadership (BoE, branches, and GB) are of low EQ, largely incompetent, and are themselves directly responsible for the departure of most individuals from the org.
    • The leadership tends to externalise and thus remain blind to their nihilistic impact upon others.

    I would contend that affiliation with the org is detrimental to your mental health and likely your physical health too.

  • minimus

    Nic, good post.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Yeah... I was just going to say “No”.

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