Would You Ever Go Back To The Witnesses??

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  • minimus

    Every once in a while you hear people say they actually “miss” their old Witness friends and or family. Some would have even stayed in the Organization if they became a bit more liberal and open minded.

  • JimmyYoung

    If they paid me enough. I would say 500 a meeting and I can quit when ever I want and cash before the meeting starts and I don't have to answer or give talks or go in service.

  • minimus

    Lol jimmyyoung

  • minimus

    I really think many people would stay in their religion if the religion wasn’t heavy handed. Every religion has negatives but most people do not leave in spite of any issues the congregants might have.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    I did, twice, because Jehovah was not the problem. I was the problem. I'm on my 3rd try and I've been active for a decade now, and doing better than ever. Jehovah is merciful.

  • minimus

    Sounds like you’re trying to be hopeful. Three strikes and you’re out for most people.

  • cofty

    I could not sit and listen to some ignorant buffoon preaching bullshit with no right of reply.

    All the money in the world could not make me stay in my seat.

  • minimus

    The religion is the problem.

  • fastJehu


  • BlackTwisted

    Hell to the nah.

    That religion was one of my main causes for depression and suicidal thoughts. And I wasn't even baptized. So I can only imagine it's worse for those who are/were.

    Never again! I found my freedom.

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