What would make an Ex-Jw go back to been a full in Baptized JW

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  • OneEyedJoe

    A failure to educate oneself.

  • Diogenesister

    and was overwhelmed by a desire to "return to Jehovah".

    Stan but he was heading in the wrong direction?

    Stan!:-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))

  • Giordano
    Oh and his entire family also went back ... Father , Mother , Brother & Sister.

    Perhaps one of the reasons he went back is this family thing. Have they always done things together?

    Is there a dominant person who leads the family.....usually the Mother and or Father.

    Keeping the family together through Armageddon? Or at least continuing on together after being resurrected may be the motivation. Being selfish is a trait of true believers.

    There is also the Jehovah factor. In JW Dogma Jesus is downplayed to an insufficient status. 'In Jesus's name we pray'....about sums up his role.

    But Jehovah is like the family pet we make him sad with our absence or happy when he sees us again and he loves the attention. However Jehovah is easily distracted and never gets in front of our illness and death.

    If Your Husband's best years were spent as a JW then maybe he wants to return to his youth.

    His whole family going back in......... really sounds cultist to me.
    Protect yourself and your children.

  • snugglebunny
    The only thing that would make me go back is a lobotomy.

    Is this the appropriate time to mention that I'd rather have a bottle in front me than a frontal lobotomy?

  • eyeuse2badub

    I seriously doubt that he returned as a true believer. Rather as a social gesture due to his family. No sane person could rejoin a cult.

    So another possibility is temporary insanity!

    just saying!

  • Simon

    Sometimes people leave or are expelled but never learn that it isn't the truth because they don't bother to do any research. Then life changes, at some point they realize they are getting older and have to face their own mortality, don't like their circle of friends, reminisce about the good old days and ... well, "why not go back?"

    Just in case it's true ...

    That's why it's important to learn the facts so you can be confident that it is not true.

  • joe134cd

    I’ve always believed that those (like myself) who leave through research in their latter years are more certain of their decision and less likely to return. I’m guessing your husband initially left in his youth because he wanted to enjoy worldly vices. Some times when the shine of these worldly vices wears off, or they find themselves in a worse state than if the remained JW, because they haven’t called out wt on all their crap they can be very vulnerable to returning. It has been my observation through this board that the reasons/motivation for leaving and the age at which they leave can greatly effect the out come in their latter lives. The down side of that for me is it took me 40 years to realise it and the borg took the best years of my life.

  • silas hobbs
    silas hobbs

    How true. its a failure to de-program oneself while out. He probably never felt the need to really see the Org. for what is is,,just another quirky religion at best and a harmful cult at its worst,

    I remember one Assy. experience of a couple who returned to the Org. saying that they always knew it still was the truth before they returned,,sounds like he had the same problem.Or it could be he has never been treated badly while in and succumed to intense" Love Bombing" when returning. I know it feels good to be the subject of such attention but that does not make it any less of a cult.While I was in the process of decoupling from the Org. I listened to a radio show while driving called Dr. Joy Brown she was a Psychologist and a good one but one of the things she said was that change rarely occurs unless people are forced too by events which make their current status in life too uncomfortable to continue as it is and only then do they change. It sounded like what I was experiencing.Who knows.

  • blondie

    Some because they think they will die at Armageddon or their minor children.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    And some as they get older, want a safety net for when they die.

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