North Korea threatening to bomb Guam...

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  • cofty

    The best chance of preventing an attack by NK is to convince them that nobody will launch a preemptive strike and that they will benefit by backing off.

    Trump has inherited a problem that previous presidents failed to deal with. So far he is being led by his ego rather than by diplomacy.

  • Simon

    Some really great ideas around what should be needed before a president can chose to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike:

  • hothabanero

    @cofty: NK has build up artillery and chemical weapons on the South Korean border for 50 years. They will do the same with nukes regardless of what they are promised. At that point they know nobody will touch them and they are free to do as they like, such as invading South Korea, or blackmailing the rest of the world.

    North Korea cannot be allowed to have nuclear missiles, period!.

  • Spoletta

    Excellent article!

    Our problem is that Trump has no "skin in the game" There have never been any personal consequences to his actions.

    The idea of having to kill someone to activate the codes would probably work with Trump. Given the way he fires individuals by proxy, I doubt he'd have the guts to kill someone with his own hands. This might even work with Kim Jong Un.

    In the case of Putin, I think he'd readily kill someone without compunction. With him, I think you'd have to have him press a button that instantly erased all his billions stashed all over the world.

  • Fisherman

    It would be suicide for NK if they preemptively attack as they have threatened to do so - same applies to any other nuclear power- but in the case of NK, the internal loyalty of its military leaders might no be so trustworthy when faced with being forced to drink Kool Aide and the NK government might be wise to consider the warning to "Beware the Ides of March!"

  • smiddy

    How many times over the years have the Arab States threatend to blow the State of Israel off the map into oblivion.

    Its all just posturising building up their own egos and getting world wide publicity with no intention of carrying out their threats ,yet at the same time keeping their core beliefs in the spotlight.

  • Spoletta
    Its all just posturing, building up their own egos and getting world wide publicity with no intention of carrying out their threats ,yet at the same time keeping their core beliefs in the spotlight.

    You're exactly right! Unfortunately, Trump doesn't have the experience to recognize it, so he gets sucked into the penis comparison competition.

  • Fisherman

    Yeah, NK is probably full of hot air. US should not take any threats or nuclear threats seriously but should actually wait and see if NK actually bombs the US and then the US could say something about it. US should also lift all sanctions just in case and so that NK is not angry at US and should further try to appease NK for fear -lest they bomb the US mainland. US needs to be careful what they say for fear NK actually makes good on their threats.

  • kepler

    Noticed that some of my Dispensationally minded correspondents feel a frustration or disappointment that this issue is not about the Israel, Palestine etc. I guess some people want to have Armageddon on their own terms.

    However, from another standpoint, obviously three generations of NK leaders invested a great deal in delivery systems for nuclear weapons and the current heir to the throne is anxious to show them off. Beside that, KJU and

    staff have shown considerable skill in creeping up to the limits of tolerance. Groups that launch sanctions tell him to stop or else there will be consequences. KJU orders a lofted trajectory for an ICBM into the Sea of Japan. The test data are in before anyone knows what to do. It suggests that there is anticipation of the

    other side's next move.

    What is worrying though, is that at some point this strategy will make a big mistake and initiate a terrible but logical response. Will it be with missiles aimed at Guam? Will they really be warheads? Can they be stopped with anti-missile defenses? If they're live and kill people, what then? In a situation like that, you could well expect that the response forces are already on ready alert.

  • Fisherman

    The US government at this time had been reaching out to NK diplomatically time and time again but NK response has been that of firing and testing missiles and developing nuclear war heads to the point where the US had to go to the UN to deploy economic sanctions against Kim J Un to compel NK to stop -And what is the very first thing NK does after they have nuclear ICBM? To verbally threaten the US with them and to proclaim that they will make the US pay 1000x for their sanction actions.

    What should have the US done instead of making it clear to NK that they will be blown off the face of the map should they fail to stop threatening the US with their new nuclear toys?

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