It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Toblerone5
    I owe each and every one of you a hug,

    I thought that was just reserve for sex-workers... He maybe "dated" a sex -worker in Thailand , but I bet he HUG a lot of them....for 2 to 3 days in between...cause he didn't have an opportunity to hug them on a regular basis , he didn't think he needed to...over many weeks...i'm going to say for 2 to 4 weeks...

    do i know Lloyd Livestream or not ...

  • Jehalapeno

    My source found this too, under "Member Posts".

    No description available.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I want to be with you one time. I have notbut would love for you to fix my prob cuz would be poetic

    It would appear that Cara (pronounced “Sara”) supports Lloyd’s “life saving” work as a Patron.

  • 6820

    Omg dude no way. Wtf??

    I want to be with you one time??????

    Also how many damn breaks has this lazy asshole had???

  • 6820

    I'M a WrItEr FiRsT

    Notice also how this review is from 2018

  • 6820

    God damn. Also the date. 2017

  • usualusername1

    I think Lloyd could become a DARVO lecturer.

    DARVO stands for "Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender." It's a tactic often used by individuals, including narcissists, to deflect blame and manipulate others. Here are some fictional examples illustrating how a narcissist might employ DARVO:

    1. **Caught Cheating**:

    - **Deny**: "I didn't cheat on you. You're making this up."

    - **Attack**: "You're always so insecure and paranoid."

    - **Reverse Victim and Offender**: "You're violating my privacy by snooping around."

    2. **Financial Misuse**:

    - **Deny**: "I never took money from your account."

    - **Attack**: "You're so controlling, always tracking every penny."

    - **Reverse Victim and Offender**: "I'm the one who should be upset; you don't trust me."

    3. **Neglecting Responsibilities**:

    - **Deny**: "I didn't forget to pick up the kids; you never told me."

    - **Attack**: "You're so disorganized, always blaming me for your shortcomings."

    - **Reverse Victim and Offender**: "I'm upset that you think I'd be so irresponsible."

    4. **Emotional Manipulation**:

    - **Deny**: "I never said those hurtful things."

    - **Attack**: "You're too sensitive and overreacting."

    - **Reverse Victim and Offender**: "Now I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around you."

    5. **Workplace Bullying**:

    - **Deny**: "I didn't steal your idea; you're mistaken."

    - **Attack**: "You're just jealous because the boss likes me better."

    - **Reverse Victim and Offender**: "You're undermining my reputation by making false accusations."

    These are just examples to illustrate the concept; they are not indicative of any specific individual's behavior.

    Even ChatGPT doesn't believe Lloyd's apology!

  • MillennialDawn
    Wow no wonder Lloyd doesn’t post here. You folks have him pegged 100%.
  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    …had just started filming on the Sunday Morning convention rebuttal, fully planning to finish convention season and get up to speed with all the JW Broadcasting rebuttals including August.

    Translation: He hasn’t even started.

    From that breakneck momentum I'm now at a standstill! As heartbreaking as it is to be stopping under these circumstances

    … and he won’t finish.

    My plan is to use the extra time to go back to my writing and finally get the Second Edition of The Reluctant Apostate finished (in both English and German) before moving on to adding more books to my body of work

    This right here spells out what his “next chapter” will be. He figures at the current level of support (or whatever it comes to in a few days), it will be enough to carry him as he gets into his long promised second edition of TRA. (Side note - In GERMAN? What about the SPANISH version you were already paid for and we’re harassing volunteers over translating unauthorised chapters?).

    The fact that he is thinking about his book so soon after that meltdown should clue you in to what the second edition of TRA is going to be about.

    • How great he was after the release of TRA (2017), the Remini special, et al…
    • ExJWs and what he thinks is wrong with those who do not support him.
    • An insider’s view of how JW Watch was run, from the Mark O’Donnell/Covert Fade era… all in order to get to the background story of him hiring Kim, PB and their resignation.
    • A heavily sanitised telling of his marital troubles, probably with no mention of his 3-4 year history with hookers
    • A play-by-play telling of Kim’s betrayal and claims that most people stuck by him at first.
    • The “defamation campaign” - from the numerous videos, his booting from TTATT, O’Donnell’s exit, the Gold interview and how it backfired.
    • The “Aftermath” and all the damage it did to him, with an detailed account of how he almost killed himself (hinted at in the video about how exJW activism did nearly this)

    Would be an absolute shame if the second version of TRA were made into a free PDF like the first one.

    PS - My money is on him going back and changing the MTS lunch room “girls” to “women”.

  • Toblerone5
    In GERMAN?

    It's funny how not o long ago ,there was that German T.V show you can watch it on Youtube , with the 2 journalist that were investigating how Watchtower hide money ect .. Mark O'Donnel was there .I saw that someone had send Lloyd on one of his Facebook post , the youtube link.for that tv show. So he must have seen it. I wonder if he was upset that he was not ask to be in that show , it would have been great publicity for him since he will be releasing is book in german now. Knowing him he would have ask the journalist to mention ,promote his upcoming book.

    I thought it was strange that in both of his last video , he talk about M.O'Donnell . Yes for the Jarazc one I get it , He was there in Australia , but in the other one? that hole think about M.O'D not trusting to be paid with Lloyd accountant bla bla bla ,why was he saying that? the video is call the scandal Aftermath .The scandal was the hole Thailand shebang not the I offer to pay Mark $100 but not my fault he didn't want it... But now that I know about the german book , yep that would makes sense.that he was piss at M.O'D. and vindictive like he is he mention him in that video...Even in the Jaracz one he really trow mark under the buss ,innocently insinuating that M.O'D must stil have those recording when the lawyer mention Jaracz name cause mark keeps everything ... Anyway just a thought...

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