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  • alanv

    For those of us who were part of the religion 20 or so years ago, we were taught how to answer questions on all sorts of JW subjects. Now days they seem completely incapable of doing that as individuals. Instead they are told to direct people to their website, where Watchtower has given answers that mislead, misquote and often downright lie about doctrines.

  • xjwsrock

    Do you use the phrase "Apostate Christendom"?

    (errrrr .... yeah)

    Does Jehovah use Apostates to accomplish his will?

    (oh no .... of course not)

    Who did Jehovah use to put the Bible together?

    (Oh ... uhhhh ... well )

    Would you say the Bible is spiritual food?

    (oh of course)

    So would you say then that Apostates can provide "Food at the Proper Time"?

    (oh .... uhhhh ... no no ... that's completely different you see)

    Could you lead us in a prayer thanking Jehovah for the Apostates that brought us so much spiritual truth?


    [Witness briskly turns and walks away trying not to have a panic attack lol]

  • punkofnice

    your governing body member, Mr Jackson was asked at the ARC by Angus Stewart

    Q. And do you see yourselves as Jehovah God's spokespeople on earth?

    Your Holy leader replied A. That I think, would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using.

    Is Mr Jackson an 'apostate(tm)'?

    If your Governing body/corporation isn't the only spokesperson, then who else is Mr Jackson referring to?

    BONUS QUESTION: What do the voices in your head say?

  • Vanderhoven7

    Good questions there can

    Nifty Punko. I would precede that question with

    Do you believe that the leadership of your organization is God's sole spokesperson on earth today or are there multiple spokespersons on earth?

  • punkofnice

    Vandy - Yes. Good call.

    I imagine very few jobos are even aware of who their popes are, let alone what the ARC is. I wonder what they'd make of whacko jacko being interviewed.

    My guess, they'd side with him.

  • pale.emperor

    Why did the anointed remnant at one time think they were the faithful and discreet slave?

  • Vidqun

    Here's a technical question for those that are interested in JW interpretation.

    JWs believe the two witnesses of Revelation are symbolic, with their death and resurrection taking place during 1914-1918 when Rutherford and co. were jailed. They were "resurrected" when they were freed and could continue their preaching work.

    See Questions From Readers on JW.ORG:


    The two witnesses are killed by the beast coming up from the abyss. The Witnesses believe the wild beast that "was, but is not and is about to ascend from the abyss" refers to the League of Nations and later the United Nations (Rev. 17:8). See Revelation Climax-book, p. 248.

    My question: How is it that they could be "killed" by a beast that did not as yet exist? The League of Nations only came into being in 1920. It was created only after the war, because of the war. But alas, very few Witnesses today will be able to understand such a question, let alone answer it.

    Yes, I also like the question (of a more simpler variety): After elaborate dedication ceremonies of Kingdom and Assembly halls, do you "undedicate" and then sell them, or do you sell them as is? As was brought out, after such questions the bells starts ringing and they think: APOSTATE!

  • Giordano

    I would ask one simple question.(I didn't read through all of the replies so this might have been covered.

    Do you think child sexual abuse is a crime, a sin or both?

    If they answer a crime or both......... I would ask them if they would report a crime to the police if someone broke into their home or if a loved one was mugged and injured? Or sexually raped?

    What about if someone vandalized your home or set fire to the Kingdom Hall you attend? And you knew who did it. Would you report that crime to the authorities?

    If the answer is yes then I'd ask them why were 1006 sexual child abuse cases by adult JW's never reported to the Authorities for over five decades?

    I'd tell them to do their own research and read up on the Australian Royal Commission and the JW's serious sexual child abuse issues.

    By the way the Australian Royal Commission interviewed, under sworn oath, the victims, also Branch Elders, Congregational Elders all with first hand knowledge of the crimes as well as Geoffrey Jackson...... one of the WT's Governing Body members.

    Come back when you can explain this to me. In the meantime you probably should not be knocking on strangers doors until you understand what a huge and growing problem this is for Jehovah Witnesses.

  • Vanderhoven7
    1. If you didn't have the truth, would you want to know it? .When you go D2D you invite people to examine their religion - do you not ? Are you willing to examine your religion with me?

    2. What are your personal thoughts about your religion being associated with the UN for at least ten years?

    3. In your view, has your religion in the past, failed to protect children from pedophiles within your ranks?

    4. Is higher education frowned on in your religion?

    5. According to your religion, what is wrong with donating blood? Is it proper to benefit from immorally donated blood?

    6. Before joining a religion, should a person limit themselves solely to studying the views of its' proponents?

    7. Is there any honorable way out of your religion?

    8. Will you believe everything that comes down from headquarters? Have you ever disagreed with some teaching handed down? How did you determine that your leadership in Brooklyn is God's "faithful slave"?

    9. How would your religion advise parents to respond to a baptized family member who disagrees with some such teaching and will not be convinced otherwise? e.g. 607, or 1919

    10. According to your religion, if a person belonged to a church other than yours, what would happen to him or her at Armageddon?

  • undercover

    Saw several that are kind of 'go to' questions, when pressured. Blood doctrine questions. I like the 'do you believe in freedom of religion? Why shun those who leave your religion?'

    But a picture is worth a thousand words - especially to a group of people who don't really read that well. So:

    Present a cover of the 1984 WT with the illustration of the old folks, and the caption, "1914 - The Generation That Will Not Pass Away", and ask, 'Are these people still alive? Has the generation of 1914 passed away?'

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