JW Stumper Questions - List You Best Here

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  • Gorbatchov

    Maybe some qustions:

    - is it true your religion is changing fast?

    - do you're leaders host TV shows?

    - is it true that at conventions credit cards are accepted?

    - I heard the Belgium and Britisch branches are a delegation within the OVSE?

    - I am told that your leader, Jackson, told in his TV show that Jehovah is not the real name of God, but chosen by your religion because it's the most known name of God?

    - He recent told that your leaders are not representing God?


  • Jrjw

    What got me questioning teachings was when I found out Jerusalem didn't fall in 607bc so I'd ask:

    How come wts teaches that Jerusalem fell in 607bce but if you do the research almost every historian will prove it fell in 586/7? That date totally throws 1914 out of the window as one of your main teachings is centred around that date. So if that's a lie them how many other of wts teachings are lies?

  • Steel

    Ask them to read the book of Romans and ask what parts apply to the heavenly hopers and what parts apply to those with an earthly hope.

    Actually the entire new testament.

  • stuckinarut2

    Q: "How important is truth and honesty to you?"

    A: " very blah blah..."

    Q: "So if you found out that the qualities of truth and honesty were lacking in your faith structure, would you want to know?"

  • Finkelstein

    Q. how do you not accept or realize that the Watchtower Publishing House is a commercialized false prophet ?

    A. well there have been mistakes in the past but after receiving new light the GB (FDSL) are now on track

  • waton

    Did Abel offer lamb meat mutton, foreshadowing the the lamb of god?

    where would he have put the meat of inedible the meat?

    Is that how valuable your doctrine consider life?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Householder: Are JW's allowed to take a blood transfusion or use blood for other purposes?

    JW: No, the bible says to abstain from blood

    Householder: Are JW's allowed to eat fat?

    JW: Yes, it's left up to the individual as to whether or not they eat animal fat or use it for other purposes.

    Householder: What about Leviticus 2:16, 17 ?

    16 The priest shall offer them up in smoke on the altar as food, an offering by fire for a soothing aroma; all fat is the LORD'S. 17 it is a perpetual statute throughout your generations in all your dwellings: you shall not eat any fat or blood"

    JW: We are no longer under those laws

    Householder: So why the ban on the use of blood or blood products?

  • Confusedalot

    Do you know the original pronunciation of the name of God?

    Why has the holy spirit not revealed the original pronunciation to you?

    How do you build a religion and bible translation (inserting said name thousands of times) with a name that is likely false? (Hebrew scholars suggest Yahweh according to your publication 'Insight')

    Who are you praying to when you use your translation/pronunciation?

    See JWdotorg Insight Volume 2 Heading 'Jehovah'

  • smiddy3

    Why does the name Jehovah appear in the NWT of the new Testament ,CG,S when the Tetragrammaton nor it`s greek equivalent does not appear in the Christian Greek Scriptures ? according to the KI published by the WTB&TS ?

    Why are you witnesses of Jehovah when the Christian Greek Scriptures in over 30 references state that Christians are to be witnesses of Jesus Christ ? And not one scripture states specifically that Christians are to be witnesses of Jehovah ?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Lots of great ideas, but the biggest problem I see with most of these "Stumpers" is they are about JW Doctrine.

    Any JW that really, really, knows (or cares) about JW Doctrine is already outta there. All present day JWs know is "it's The Troof" and they're going to live forever and you're not. You cant fix (or reason with) Stupid.

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