What's the difference between a Christian and a JW?

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  • humbled

    What is the point you are getting at in your post, steel?

    That evangelicals do not join the military? If they join the military they are not able to dictate who they are called to fight.

  • Steel

    Christians join the military to protect the nation from threats from the Islamic world or North Korea.

    The idea that two people who claim to be Christian and subscribe to same belief system are going to be in open combat with each other is ridiculous. The world has changed.

  • humbled

    Christians are deluded if they think they can turn their conscience on at will once they Are signing on for only certain missions. That may be what makes him want to join. Recruiters know that.

    You think the world has changed? When? How?

    If l am in the trenches do l want someone to be conscience stricken When l am depending on them to help me in a tight spot? Fuck that. You’re either in or you’re out.That is the way it is if you sign up. So it must be.

    If you want to have a “christian”conscience then you need to give it a good long think before you join. No one is going to sit down and hold your hand and discuss the orders with you.

    Pompeo, an evangelical Christian, has saidpreviously that Islamist terrorists will “continue to press against us until we make sure that we pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is our savior is truly the only solution for our world.”
    The concerns are not that Pompeo is religious but that his religious convictions are bleeding over into the CIA.
    According to four sources familiar with the matter, Pompeo, who attends weekly Bible studies held in government buildings, referenced God and Christianity repeatedly in his first all-hands speech and in a recent trip report while traveling overseas. According to a profile by the Washington Post’s Greg Miller, Pompeo is working on starting a chaplaincy for the CIA campus like the military has.
    The CIA did not dispute these events. “Director Pompeo is a man of faith,” the spokesperson said. “The idea that he should not practice his faith because he is Director of CIA is absurd.”

    Research WHINSEC and the CIA . See what they were involved with. Governments use patriotic youngsters for war and the kids want to be good guys. But they are controlled by forces larger than themselves.

    You may believe that Christian only fight in clean causes. But l have a story of calling WHINSEC years back when it was named School of the Americas to make a point to my husband about the conflict of interest( edit: as regards Christian conscience) in terms of moral and ethical behavior. Why a Christian would be part of that slimey business is beyond me. But Pompeo will be involved with that crap now.

    They will eat their own.

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