What's the difference between a Christian and a JW?

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  • slimboyfat

    Lol don’t say I ain’t good to the forum members.

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  • Simon

    Christian is just the larger set, of which JWs are one specific sect.

    In the same way that a horse is a mammal and it makes no sense to argue about what the "one true" mammal is.

    Which is of course a honey badger.

  • sparrowdown

    WT decides for it's members having blood in any form is wrong and JWs go along with that.

    WT decides blood fractions are ok and JWs go along with that.

    WT decides the internet is dangerous and JWs go along with that.

    WT decides the internet is a blessing from Jehovah that can be utilized to advertise the kingdom and JWs go along with that.

    WT decides higher education is bad for all regular JWs even though they themselves employ the use of lawyers, accountants, doctors, IT specialists you name it and ordinary JWs just go bleet bleet.

    WT decides christians do not vote or join the military and JWs go along with that.

    If WT in a flash of new light decided tomorrow it was now ok to vote or join the military JWs would go along with that also.

    Conclusion: JWs are not more moral or caring or christlike than any other christians they are just more brainwashed!

    More incapable of thinking for themselves and less likely to employ the use of their own individual conscience on matters.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Can there be Christians who:

    a. are not members of the body of Christ? I Cor.12:27

    b. are not adopted as sons and designated joint heirs with Christ? Ro.8:17

    c. are not born again. Jn.3:3 and become new creatures in Christ? II Cor.5:17

    d. do not share one hope and that is a heavenly one? II Tim.4:18 Eph. 4:4

    e. have not received the baptism and indwelling of the Holy Spirit? I Cor.12:13

    f. are not entitled to share in the communion loaf and cup? I Cor.10:16-17

    g. are not in the New Covenant mediated by Christ? Heb.12:24 1 Tim.2:5

    h. are not fully justified through faith in Christ Jesus? Ro.3:26, Acts 13:39

    i. are not declared righteous having Christ's righteousness imputed to them? Ro.4: 22 - 25

    j. do not have a personal relationship with their Jesus aka Michael the Archangel? (that would constitute spiritism)

    k. do not preach the gospel that Paul preached either in terms of content, benefits or requirements?

    You tell me!

  • 2+2=5
    At over 8 million worldwide JWs are by far the biggest peace community in the world.

    Why do you promote the JWs?

    They’ve fucked up your head.

  • humbled

    What's the difference between a Christian and a JW?

    Christians don’t have to have a recovery forum?

  • smiddy3
    slimboyfat2 days ago

    “Christians” go to war and kill each other.

    JWs refuse to go to war.

    The God that Jehovah`s Witnesses worship was / is a warmonger that is undeniable from the first book of the Bible Genesis to the last book of the Bible Revelation.

    Where he often condoned genocide using the Israelite`s to carry out his purpose especially in the books of the Old Testament.So Jehovah God was happy to use humans to carry out his slaughtering of humans then ,old men women and children.And his command not to feel sorry for them.

    In the New Testament we have contradictions where his son Jesus Christ is portrayed as the Prince Of Peace and yet is depicted as the one who destroys all of his enemy`s in Gods War of Armageddon. Again old men young women and children and not to feel sorry for them .

    And while Jehovah`s Witnesses don`t actually participate in warfare today they certainly condone it of the warmonger Jehovah God who is still intent according to the scriptures that Jehovah`s Witnesses believe in to annihilate the majority of humans on this planet and only preserve alive J.W.`s like he did in Noah`s day .

    Jehovah God is a hypocrite and so are Jehovah`s Witnesses and for that matter so is Jesus .

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
  • cofty
    Christians don’t have to have a recovery forum?

    Actually there are loads of them. Evangelical christianity is a dangerous cult.

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