What's the difference between a Christian and a JW?

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  • nowwhat?

    Christians look to Jesus as the redeeemer of mankind.

    JW's look to Jesus as the executioner of mankind!

  • Finkelstein

    Christians dont preach the false commercialized Gospel of the Watchtower Corporation.

  • slimboyfat

    “Christians” go to war and kill each other.

    JWs refuse to go to war.

  • blownaway

    Well Christian is a broad brush. Anyone who believes that Jesus is the ransom sacrifice and died for the sins of mankind would be technically a Christian. There are many different groups that are sects of Christianity. JW are one of these and so Christians. They interpret the teaching of the NT different than most main stream.

  • blownaway

    “Christians” go to war and kill each other.

    JWs refuse to go to war.

    No they don't go to war they just kill their own with stupid blood and other polices. LOL Stupid is as stupid does.

  • humbled

    Slimboyfat- l appreciate that refusal to make war appealed to you about the WT. That was precisely what attracted me. I remember the Awake! that made me open the door to the door knockers that day. It was about that very thing—peace.

    But it is not so that all other Christian groups will make war. I was allied at least in spirit with the Catholic Workers movement that was/is a remarkable organization whose members were very much involved with peace activism much more strenuous than the r &f of Jehovah’s Witnesses.


    Watchtower promoted the idea that it alone stood for peace yet , by preferring instead the bloody judgements of Jehovah over Jesus teachings, they lost the opportunity to build a stronger case for universal brotherhood. The gentle letter of the young German Witness who refused conscription into Hitler’s Army( and was consequently beheaded) reflects a generosity of spirit that is not at all promoted by the Organization in recent times. This forum reflects the bitter fruits of the legalism of the Org.

    No, Slimboyfat. Lookup the Catholic Workers movement or even the Quakers as a better model for peace.

    The GB can’t promote peace because they don’t have the heart for it.

  • slimboyfat

    I am well known to the local Quakers by now, I’ve visited them a number of times and am on their mailing list. (They are currently organising involvement in the Pride march next week. I am joining the Unitarian stall.) The Quakers have an impressive library including many books on pacifism. I have also visited other peace churches, or churches with some involvement in conscientious objection, including Christadelphians, Seventh Day Adventists and Unitarians. Only the Quakers and Christadelphians have a longer and more consistent anti-war stance than JWs as I understand it, and they are both far fewer in number. At over 8 million worldwide JWs are by far the biggest peace community in the world.

    I don’t know anything about Catholic Workers. Do they actually refuse to fight, or just talk about it?

  • jws

    I too believe JWs are part of Christianity. Their beliefs may not line up with more common ones like the Trinity and the Cross, etc. But do they believe Jesus was our redeemer. Yes. They believe in the new testament. They are Christians. Even if they are different from the brand you believe. It's not like they're Muslims or Hindus. They play in the same sandbox of belief as Christianity.

    Always thought that argument that JWs weren't Christians was stupid. It's like horror movie fans saying Alien wasn't a horror movie, it's science fiction.

    But how are they different from a lot of other Christians? A lot of other religions believe that Jesus is God, not a separate being. Not all of them, like "The Way Ministries", but many of them.


    Maybe Jesus will come back and tell us what real Xians are??

    DD 👽

  • careful

    I once heard a religious studies professor (who felt JWs were part of Christianity) at a large university put the difference this way:

    "Mainstream Christians are Christ-oriented. JWs are Father-oriented."

    Simple and to the point.

    BTW he himself was Eastern Orthodox, and no, it wasn't David Bentley Hart.

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