Anyone Tried "Sous Vide" Cooking?

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  • LadyVelvet

    Yes I got a Sous Vide thingy for Christmas last year (Instant Pot brand) to go with my Instant Pot. I had never heard of it before that but I read up on it and gave it a try. I cooked New York striploin steaks the first time on it and seared them afterwards. I was amazed, wonderful device and the steaks were almost melt in your mouth. However I tried chicken with it and didn't like the results. I found it is best for steaks. I haven't tried pork yet, has anyone done pork with the Sous Vide?

  • Simon

    We liked the chicken we did - very moist and tender. Our dog has "degrees of desperation" when begging for food and she was at defcon 1 in her attempts after she'd had a bit (I know that doesn't sound like an endorsement, but she's a particularly fussy dog and turns her nose up at treats until you offer her exactly the one she wants).

    Costco had a vacuum packing machine on sale so I bought one of those plus more things to cook: steaks, salmon, carrots, sprouts and asparagus. It's quite a time-saver prepping all of it at once and I now have portions packaged and lined up in the fridge all ready to go.

    Pork chops are on the todo list - we rarely buy them because they tend to be quite dry and tough but maybe this will make them nice and tender (going to try pulled-pork too). The lack of loss of the juices compared to traditional cooking does tend to be noticeable. Slow cooking makes things tender too but also loses texture and things become mushy.

    I'll post an update when I've tried some new things.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Short ribs! I forgot to mention beef short ribs! These come off of the chuck usually, but sometimes you can get the ribs that are left when a boneless prime rib is made. Either one benefits from the "low 'n slow" cooking method favored by most BBQ experts, but a sous-vide will give you super tender meat. If you want smoke flavor, add some Liquid Smoke (I like Wright's), which ideally is just smoke and water. If you want to go gastro-pub, marinate the meat in kalbi spices or kalbi sauce for a taste of the Korean specialty.

    Think of those cuts that are generally tough to get tender, and try them turkey drumsticks spring to mind. Again, liquid smoke can be your "underwater BBQ."

    Whatever you choose, remember that the step after sous-vide is "SEAR"! This can be done in a HOT skillet or under a HOT broiler. It only adds a couple of minutes to the process but it greatly improves the appearance of the food.

  • Simon

    To show it wasn't a fluke we had some more steak but this time with asparagus which I bagged with a little butter.

    All came out cooked to perfection. The pictures don't do it justice but hopefully show how the doneness is consistent all the way through.

  • VIII

    Sorry I'm late to this thread.

    I've done the Sous Vide thing for about three years. L-O-V-E IT!

    I have the Anova one Simon references on page 1. I learned about it on a website called Serious Eats. The main Chef/Teacher is a guy named Kenji. He has videos and how-tos with this method and lots others. Great way to learn-he's funny!

    I've cooked steaks, chicken, seafood and recently been making Limoncello. Yes, Liquor. It's a snap with the Sous Vide machine.

    They have come down in price and really up your cooking style.

  • Simon

    I like this channel, he does a lot of comparisons of different techniques:

  • dubstepped

    Bumping this thread because Amazon has the Anova models on sale today. Just picked up the Nano for $65 to try this out. The $200 model is on sale for $100 as well.

  • jp1692

    I just bought myself one for an early Christmas present. I plan to try it out this weekend. Thanks to all for the recommendations.

  • RubaDub

    Simon ...

    Thank you.

    I did a good steak (a very thick New York strip [1 pound or so] that my wife and I split) and then put it outside on a VERY hot grill about a minute or so on each side. Totally red and juicy inside and charred on the outside.

    Absolutely delicious.

    You should get a cut on the sale of these things.

    Rub a Dub

  • Simon

    Hope everyone enjoys their steak!

    Veg comes out really nice too but is a bit fiddly as it tends to float so a rack or weights may be needed (or just a bulldog clip to hold a few spoons together works while experimenting).

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