Is the Watchtower organisation facing the biggest crisis of its history?

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  • Crazyguy
    I don't think it's about money it's people. They baptised around 260k last year. These aren't new ones just mostly kids changing their status from publisher, but the Org lost 140k in the same time. People leaving dieing or being dfd. Most of these the Orgs not getting back. I believe the Org will continue to loose 150k + each year this is going to kill off the religion slowly but it will. They are trying to make changes so less will leave but they have also stopped trying in 3 world countries so in the end the numbers will get worse.
  • TheListener


    What did you mean by this statement:

    They are trying to make changes so less will leave but they have also stopped trying in 3 world countries so in the end the numbers will get worse.

    I thought they were still trying to convert in undeveloped countries. I thought that is what the translation offices were for.

  • Prometheus
    I agree with you. If it wasn't the 3rd World countries, WT will show no increase at all. But the money are in the Western World, and WT gets all the funds from the contributions of the wealthy JW's.
  • wifibandit
  • Listener

    Some of us can remember when they stopped people playing music in the congregations and replaced it with recordings. It didn't go down too well.

    Now they are stripping away even more from the individual congregations and introducing more recorded videos. It's becoming a little too mechanical and I doubt it's going to help.

  • Crazyguy
    Thelistener, what I ment was that they seem to not care about third world countries anymore, they seemed to have stopped financially supporting them, closed down branches told missionarys they must pay their own way, etc. Like what was said above, there's no money there to be had so why bother.
  • cyberjesus
  • pepperheart
    also how many young people are there in the borg say for example 40 and under because on the agm video david splane asked the camers to pan out on the group of people and most looked 50 plus and i wonder how many of those people will still be alive in 10 or 20 or 30 years
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    These new C.L.A.M. meetings I can see implementing videos. They are already. They may actually have the entire meeting videos with the exception of the book study.

    Looking back 15 years ago, it's hardly the same religion anymore when it comes to meeting structure.

  • slimboyfat

    Doubting Bro, I agree this seems like a bigger crisis because the way it is coming about is organic and from within. It's not like a big one time shock - the death of Russell or the 1914, 1925 and 1975 prophetic failures. Instead it's the culmination of many festering problems coming together:

    1. Increasingly incredible doctrines: 1914 over a hundred years ago, anointed increasing, overlapping generation.

    2. Business model failure: publishing industry coming to an end and nothing to replace it.

    3. Lack of creative leadership: only reactive to problems, no grasping the nettle on the abuse problem or incredible teachings.

    These sorts of problems are chronic and degenerative and potentially much more serious than a mere prophetic failure or death of a leader. I think they could be heading for some sort of implosion.

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