Is the Watchtower organisation facing the biggest crisis of its history?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I loved you statement here (you just knew that the GB would disapprove of them, if only they knew the details of the situation.)

    That was how I truly felt that if only the GB knew they would step in and stop it. I actually thought they would send someone from the headquarters out once they realized that the local elders were sending pedophiles door to door in my congregation.

    Than I wrote Bethel and then called Bethel. We were at Bethel I knew some of these people and they treated me like I was crazy and in the wrong to dare to question my elders. I had been trying to tithe because I had always felt guilty when we were pioneering for not having any money to contribute.

    After how I was treated that stopped instantly, we had money with the continual donation arrangement I asked for it back and told them because I did not want a dime of my money to go to pay for law suites for the pedophiles. I got my money back in less they two weeks with not one word about my letter.

    During this time is when I woke up. I hope what you wrote is right.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Although the causes were completely different we should be aware of what happened in their last major crisis during the Rutherfordian power grab and consolidation. They imploded, losing 75% of their membership while fracturing into different sects. They survived.
  • pepperheart

    lots of very good points there

    is it true that at bethel they are not singing the happy song any more but instead

    "the only way is down"

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Then there was cancelling the book study. Didn't the GB realise that for ordinary JWs this was socially the most important meeting?

    I stated this in an earlier post about how the convention have become so sanitized. Again the GB doesn't recognize that the conventions were also a social event for the rank and file. They blew it when they stopped the food services at conventions. Sure some of the brother and sisters were too busy volunteering but it acted as a social function and made the ordinary R&F members feel important and that they contributed to the success of the convention. These old men of the GB have no concept of what the regular R&F members think and feel. Sure we all just accepted this as "Jehovah" directing the GB but you deep down a lot of members questioned their changes.

  • Magnum

    Village Idiot, I think things were different back then; I think people back then were more naive. I think they were more religious. I think the times back then were more ripe for end-times prophecies. People had more time on their hands; they weren't distracted by technology and entertainment the way people are today.

    While I feel that JWdom could survive, I think it is beginning to go into a downward spiral. I think that spiral could end with a smaller, weaker JWdom or maybe a shake-up in leadership and theology (what some might call a cleansing or reformation). I just don't think it can recover in that it can start really growing again and picking up steam as it did after its former problems or crises.

    After the "Rutherfordian power grab and consolidation", there was still a wide-open market for religions like JWism. I think that market has virtually disappeared. Trying to sell such today is like trying to sell a rotary phone to a teenager.

  • Finkelstein

    I think the WTS is going through some internal destabilization, some of that is due to its failed prophetic proclamations all throughout the 20th century and some from the WTS is being blatantly greedy for money and yet the WTS hasn't never been richer as far as its total accumulation of assets.

    Now another issue has arisen concerning the mishandling of sexual abuse situations within the organization.

    All of these things are fracturing the foundation of the organization as whole, time will tell how much damage will they cause is undetermined.

    The WTS is going into a wealthy state for awhile at least this year, so to say its going to falter because of finances is improbable.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Ordinary JWs no longer revere the GB.

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    I wonder why that is?



    Is the Watchtower organisation facing the biggest crisis of its history?



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  • 20yearfader
    I'll agree when I attended the hall some 25 years ago,i couldn't name one gb member now they are everywhere I guess it is sort of seeing the man behind the curtain.also the changing of the rules every five minutes has to have caused some type of awakening in the average witness.In this world you need some type of college degree,good luck trying to get donations from the working class that can barely make ends meet. Due to the society frowning upon higher education.
  • LV101

    I like Magnum's analogy re/the times. Let's hope the humanoids have evolved enough and are more intelligent today with respect to cults/religions/social clubs than in ole Rutherfraud's day. There's never a shortage of hurting individuals who will be easy prey for the W/Tower, and thousands of other religions, unfortunately. It's sad society can't reach/protect/serve/educate the level of society most susceptible to cults.

    I don't want a big brother society but it would certainly be better if people were informed/warned -- at least protected by the laws but I can't see this happening. Sad.

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