Is the Watchtower organisation facing the biggest crisis of its history?

by slimboyfat 91 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • 2+2=5

    I think the crisis they have, is simply a massive stinking pile of theology bullshit, that has been piling up layer upon layer for decades now.

    And didn't I read something somewhere about somewhat of a pedophile infestation or something about child sex offenders running rampant in the JW religion or something maybe on JW TV or in the JW org? Maybe something very serious that has been covered over and hidden from authorities somewhat? Surely they don't have lists of pedophile scum that they keep secret?? Could it be a crisis?

  • Vidiot

    @ Data-Dog...

    Is it just me, or is every picture of Lett posted even funnier then the last?

    I swear, the man is the physical embodiment of "the gift that keeps on giving"... :smirk:


    EDIT: If some talented XJW did a spoof video of Lett mimicking Max Headroom, I'd piss myself.

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