Is the Watchtower organisation facing the biggest crisis of its history?

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  • jws

    Wow, 7 pages so far and I'm not going to read all of them. But regarding the OP...

    I was a JW growing up as a kid in the 70's and teen in the 80's. There was an air of mystery to the GB. I'd be surprised if my parents could name one or two of them, except the president. I only knew the president myself. Which, IMO, made them more mysterious. I thought they pretty much talked with God like Moses did. Only the hardcore suck-ups knew who they were.

    But, now they're on videos. They are semi-celebrities in JW circles. There's so much less mystery as to who they are these days. Which makes the whole org more human.

    Not that the GB is on reality TV, but the camera takes the mystery away. Like when cameras went into Ozzy Osborne's home. He was no longer the musical prince of darkness. He was just an old bumbling dad.

  • prologos
    Money is a defense. suck the money out of the rank file, making them defenseless. hord it whether you need it or not makes your defenses stronger. win win wt.
  • slimboyfat

    I knew who the GB were from full page Proclaimers book picture that made them look like the 12 apostles. And from meeting Barr and Sydlik at an international convention. Barr was still fondly remembered here as a CO from the 1940s or 1950s.

    Maybe it's true: familiarity breeds contempt.


    Don't forget the upcoming WT article that depicts throngs of Dubbies rushing towards a GB member to get an autograph and a picture.

    Like most spoiled actors, the GB want the adoration and worship of their fans, because they are dependent upon them; without the fans, the lifestyle of the GB is impossible. Yet secretly, the GB can't stand the morons that they must deal with on a daily basis.

    This is what happens when people are purposely dumbed-down for decades. The GB wanted mindless workers, well...they got 'em! If only those drones would STFU, and be blessed!


  • konceptual99

    The respect for the organisation and it's leaders is diminishing.

    I hear regular negative comments about GB members like Lett and Morris. The new song last night literally had many laughing and doing joke chorus girl moves.

    The veil has been lifted on these morons.

  • slimboyfat
    It would be cool if some young JWs did a spoof YouTube channel making fun of the GB broadcasts. That stuff is ripe for satire. But then you'd probably struggle to find young JWs who pay enough attention to the broadcasts or care enough. In a more vibrant culture than exists among JWs there would be stuff like that.
  • Kick50r

    Religions generally speaking are losing believers at high rate don't matter what religion it is.

    Watchtower scam only partakes of this formula at the moment.

    As long as there is money flowing from society-religions may they be donations OR taxes redirected for the religions it will be hard to crack this nut. Good news is this is not a SACRED nut and I believe it WILL be cracked.

    Take Care all

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I tried to read all of this, having a hard time because of work, but...

    Has anyone thought of this idea?

    WT is selling K Halls, taking extra congregation accounts, closing Bethels, letting people go, selling property......... are they getting ready to act like they are bankrupt? (Maybe they are trying to do what the Catholic Church did? 'Sorry Australia, we have no money')

    Maybe the guys in the backround are getting ready to split?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Seems to me like the big crises in the past were caused by either internal fighting or failed prophesy. People were passionate enough to make a change and leave in both the 20s & 75-77. This time, what they are facing is much more difficult to deal with. Apathy is their biggest problem. And so far, they haven't come up with a way to deal with it. I really think they are close to if not already topped out but I don't believe we'll see a major decline but rather a slow decline as older ones die off and kids just don't get baptized or leave as soon as they are able. Conversions have slowed down to almost nil in developed countries and I would image as resources dwindle the ability to make converts in 3rd world countries will diminish as well.

    How far they reduce remains to be seen.


    All these comments are great and pretty much what I see going on in the area that I live in. The problem is when the CO comes around he still spews forth the same old tripe....make bible studies, follow up on interest, be adaptable, go out at different times, etc, etc blah blah.

    So JWs who are on the fence about the org feel guilty all over again and suffer from nostalgia. They go out more, restart their always failing Family Worship until the fire burns out. Then time for another CO visit. This is likely the reason that they kept the CO's in place and even gave them more power.

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