Trump Urges Ukraine and China To Investigate Joe Biden and His Son

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  • MeanMrMustard

    I want to see it go all the way. Come on! Put pen to paper and draft Articles!

    Article 1: Trump is a poo poo head.

    Article 2: Trump has a high probability of being re-elected.

    Article 3: He said “pussy” in a really triggering way.

    Article 4: He kinda looks like a guy that we don’t trust.

    Article 5: He disagrees with the left.

    What else could they list?

  • stillin

    Well, After the eight years of that horrible Obama, I has almost forgotten about Presidential Scndals. Now we have a new one to be entertained by every other week! Trump is great!

  • minimus

    Obama did not have scandals because the press buried them.

  • LV101

    There's no one more corrupt than cult leaders Ole Hil/Horndog Bill, Obama and his side kick Biden. Thick wallets off the backs of the American taxpayers. Let's catch President Trump in just one bad act like the Dems. It's sad -- there's a group of sane Democrats dying for new blood and leadership for their representation -- how the country is structured but desperation unlike ever before.

  • sparky1

    "On top of that polls indicate, Trump's numbers are going up." - minimus

    Rasmussen Reports, which is usually favorable to President Trump is showing the opposite polling results:

    On September 18, 37% of those polled strongly disapproved of his performance.

    On October 3 (today), 44% of those polled strongly disapproved of his performance.

    On September 23, in a high point for President Trump, he had a 52% approval rating.

    On October 3 (today), he had a 47% approval rating.

    I believe that the opposite is true right now. President Trump's approval numbers seem to be declining.

    His approval index has declined 10 points since September 18 when it was at -1. It is now at -11.

  • Diogenesister
    He's looks out for himself, not his country. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    Listen, I know next to nothing of the complexities of modern American politics.

    But this fact is blindingly obvious to anyone with any understanding of human character traits, character flaws, behaviour, empathy and understanding.

    This man cares nothing about the ordinary American person. The little people, the people who may be very intelligent but put family, community, creativity or integrity before riches and power. He esteems the elite of any nation before ma and pa American-just-getting-by.

    That man just doesn't fuck with the little people.

    Why WHY would you want such a person as your president?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you for giving them hell flipper. You are the man. The cult of trump runs deep here. Still Totally ADD

  • Simon

    Ah, the other classic: you don't agree with me so I'll accuse you of being in a CULT!

    Let's try it on for size:

    "Man, you Clinton / Obama cultists really drunk all the cool-aid didn't you?!!"

    Yeah, it feels like it's not really much of an argument but I guess if you want to be seen to be "adding something" but don't have anything to really add, it'll do ... right?

  • sparky1

    For a fair and balance exchange of ideas, I offer a link to an interesting article in The Atlantic magazine written by George Conway about President Trump.

  • Simon

    When crazy meets stupid:

    "Eat the babies !!!"

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