Trump Urges Ukraine and China To Investigate Joe Biden and His Son

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  • Simon
    Simon- I'm not in the wrong whatsoever. The right wing fanatics in the USA are wrong for allowing Mr. Trump to constantly attempt to destroy democracy in this country by enabling and enriching himself at the typical American's expense. He's looks out for himself, not his country. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    You just described Clinton / Biden ... but are too far gone to be able to see what's right in front of your face.

    Clinton and the Dems are the ones refusing to accept and election result, Obama was the one trying to appoint a successor and using state agencies that he'd politicized to do it. I think Obama will go down in history as one of THE most corrupt politicians ever to hold office.

    You smell shit because Trump has taken the lid off the cesspit.

  • Simon
    Minimus- 8 years of Obama was a hell of a lot better than not quite 3 years of Mr. Dump, er I mean Trump.

    Most meaningful measures would tell you it wasn't.

    Even race tensions have subsided since we got rid of the president and his crew that wanted to light the country on fire.

    The hate-crime hoaxes that the media keep trying to push are the dying echoes of their failed policies.

    Wages are up too, jobs are coming back, those things that Obama couldn't be bothered to defend or work for.

    I just wish we had Trump in Canada ... we'd be more than happy to swap Justing "dress-up clown" Trudeau for him.

  • flipper

    Minimus- You're ridiculous. Have to hurl slings and arrows about someone's intelligence, just like Trump, huh ? Boy, you are a Trump cult member, aren't you ? Jeez. Not going to lower myself to that standard. Take care , Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Simon
    History shows that midterm elections always favor the opposition. Nothing new here. The Democrats also for Almost three years said Trump was a pawn of Russia and that he was sleeping with whores in Russia, defiling Obama’s bed. All Lies!!!

    Yeah, a perfect example of corrupt interference (collaborating with foreign spies to do it) and all done by the dems in league with the media to win seats in the midterms which they really wouldn't have done without the hoax.

    And it all fell apart ... like every democrat hoax, it's all smoke and now we learn about yet more corruption of the Obama / Biden administration.

    No one on the democrat ticket is going to beat Trump without their corruption. I can see Hillary "it's my turn"Clinton elbowing her way to the front again and being a surprise winner at the convention. That would be glorious, simply glorious.

    Even the most ardent Clinton supporters must be sick of her shit by now.

  • stillin

    I guess it's OK as long as Trump didn't collude with Ukraine. Oh, wait...he did!

  • minimus

    I have come to the realization that at this point in time if anybody wishes Obama was still president, there is nothing you can really say to dissuade them. If you think Clinton would have and should have been the rightful President, it’s simply too late for you. You drank the Kool aid and you cannot see the obvious.

  • Simon

    I think we're done with the crazy now. As I said previously, we're not going to allow thoroughly debunked crap to be regurgitated as though it's factual when it isn't. The Russia collusion hoax is dead, it was only ever a hoax.

    Flipper, stillin et al - I feel bad for you. You were well and truly suckered and now you are lashing out instead of admitting you were conned.

    But we don't have to listen to you bleating on trying to claim that black is white.

  • minimus

    I made the thread because it shows how Trump is not hiding about what he did. How refreshing it is to call out the opposition in their face and make it known he’s not afraid of their threats. On top of that polls indicate, Trump ‘s numbers are going up. Middle America sees what’s going on.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    You gotta give the guy credit, he has 36% of the country convinced he's the "Chosen One".

  • minimus

    Jesus Christ doesn’t even get that amount!

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