Trump Urges Ukraine and China To Investigate Joe Biden and His Son

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  • Simon
    Asking the president of a nation to dig up "dirt" on a potential political rival is a "thing of value" for an election.

    Right, so Obama asking foreign spies to invent information is a crime. He did it in secret because he knew it was a crime, he illegally spied on the opposing party's political campaign to favour his own party's candidate, crimes way beyond what Nixon did with Watergate. It wasn't just a few hired hands, he was using the CIA, FBI and DOJ to do his dirty work.

    As for Trump, he hasn't asked anyone to "dig up dirt" - he's asking them to investigate what appears to be clear corruption by a senior government employee. He's doing it out in the open. There's no crime here.

    But if you think there is, then impeachment proceedings against Obama can begin ... right? :)

  • Simon
    What I said was "for a fair and balanced exchange of ideas, I offer a link to an interesting article..."

    How would a biased and unfair article lead to a "fair and balanced exchange of ideas"?

    You can play all the word games you want to try and pretend you're not just another TDS sufferer, but it doesn't change the fact that you are.

  • Simon

    Anyway, this isn't real news, it's what passes for news.

    Maybe if something actually happens we'll have a discussion about it, but like the Russian collusion hoax it's a whole lot of nothing.

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