Trump Urges Ukraine and China To Investigate Joe Biden and His Son

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  • Simon
    For a fair and balance exchange of ideas ...

    purleaze ... someone totally unqualified with no experience in the field thinks they can make psychological evaluations based on media reports and people like you lap it up.

    What's really nuts is that you think that passes for "fair and balanced"

  • Simon

    Has anyone tried to actually defend Biden yet, which is what this topic was meant to be about.

    I mean, he's on camera bragging about using his office to stop the investigation of his son who, by all accounts, is king of loserville yet rakes in lots of money doing deals wherever daddy is dangling US government funding and influence.

    It looks dodgy as hell and no one seems to have an excuse or explanation other than trying to distract attention with the tried true and classic "but orange man bad!" routine.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    When it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck it's a duck. I don't care about the other two guys you keep throwing out. THEY ARE NOT THE PRESIDENT TRUMP IS. This president is a bully and the biggest liar and law breaker I have ever seen. Why do you even care about this guy? Don't you live in Canada? This is my country and I have the right to believe what I want to believe and say concerning my country not yours or any other country just mine. The far right religious nuts love trump because they feel he will bring on the end of the world. That's why they call him the chosen one. Does this not sound familiar? So yes he does have a cult following and I for one will not follow him. He may be my president but hopefully not for long. Still Totally ADD

  • sparky1

    "What's really nuts is you think that passes for "fair and balanced"." - Simon

    What I said was "for a fair and balanced exchange of ideas, I offer a link to an interesting article..."

    I called the article "interesting" and wanted to point it out in order to make the conversation here 'fair and balanced' by offering an alternative viewpoint on President Trump and balancing out the conversation here with an opposing idea. You have mischaracterized my posts before and I really don't care. This is your sandbox and we must play by your rules or leave. Interestingly enough, my business partner is a full on Evangelical Trump supporter as is my carpenter. We get along fine and agree to disagree. Many of the President Trump supporters here could learn that it is OK to disagree and remain respectful of one another with differing ideas.

  • Finkelstein

    When a person who has no experience in politics especially on a federal level gets into office then surrounds himself with people who are likewise inexperienced , expect shit to happen ......... it’s happening .

    Trump has made it a regular occurrence of hiring people to do a specific job then in short time fires them stating they weren’t good enough .

    Maybe the real problem is that D Trump isn’t good enough for the office of which he has under taken . Being the president of the United States is far different than being a real estate developer .

  • LV101

    Obama, et al., scandals haven't been uncovered just yet. Ya think the left has been covering for Biden -- maybe just a tad/hilarious! The American people don't quite have the facts yet but we're getting close thus another impeachment drama by the desperate left.

  • Finkelstein

    Sounds like it’s Trump is the one who’s lame, trying to dig up some dirt on the son of man who is the leading Democrat, use and expose that in the next election .

    Very unscrupulous wouldn’t you say ? 🤔

  • minimus

    The hypocrisy here is unbelievable! Be honest with yourselves. If Trump did what Biden did with his son, you would be going crazy.

  • stillin

    Sure, Min. At least none of Donald Trump's family have benefitted from his coming to power. Since DT is so squeaky clean in that department, he can level accusations of this against Biden. No, he can't. That's why he wants Ukraine to do it for him!

    Don't get me wrong. I think Biden is corrupt, too. Just not as corrupt as the Trump dynasty. Nepotism runs deep.

  • WTWizard

    I think the whole impeachment issue here is a complete waste of time. How many times have they talked the talk about it? What about our last so-called president, who wouldn't even show us his birth certificate? (In America, you need to be native born to be eligible to be the president.) That should have resulted in impeachment, since if the president was born in Kenya, he had no business being president. And, what about both Bushes, for their wars in Iraq? Or Bill Clinton, who got past the article of impeachment phase for lying about an affair, only to have it fizzle in the Senate?

    And, who is the alternative? Pelosi? KILLary? Biden? Warren? Are you really sure you want to pay $150,000 per year every year forever for "reparations" that will only create more spiritual problems than the original "offenses" did? (Not to mention those perpetrating the slavery were not the ones that will be paying this infinite debt--sounds similar to the infinite debt for nothing found right in the bible?). No, our current president is not that great. But, compared to all the alternatives, and compared to anyone that has a reasonable chance to get approved by the corporate media, that is by far the better of the choices. At least this president is not trying to lie his way out of it--or plunging us into World War III, as all his alternatives would have.

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