Flat Earth and Jw. Not possible?

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    Does anyone deny that JWs have the highest crazy-membership ratio of any organization?

    I think not.....

  • pale.emperor

    I have a good scientific background so im not stupid or crazy.

    Are you sure?
  • waton

    I have a good scientific background so im not stupid or crazy.

    The doctor that does self diagnosis has a fool for a patient.

    good thread going to 10 pages, congrats.
    Even "jesus" believed in a flat earth, saw all the kingdoms of the world in a panoramic view. he affirmed that it was a real temptation.

  • dynamiterose77

    Pretty sure this is a troll... but, hey, devils advocate and I believe in refuting with facts in case someone else is wondering and not sure. I took ACTUAL astronomy classes, and even the most basic lesson shows that the earth is round (spheroid) . First, by the fact that the northern and southern hemispheres see different constellations. If the earth were flat, everyone regardless of where they live on the planet would see the same constellations at the same time. We did plenty of assignments that were nothing more than documenting the position of the sun where it set every day for a month... documenting constellations as time progressed through the year. If we were on a flat surface, none of that would be possible.

    Plus the time zones... plus how shadows work... etc etc...

    Then there is the little fact of how gravity works, and gravity on a flat surface would place the center of mass at the center of the disc and pull everything to it... but flat-earthers don't believe in gravity either...

    Here are better explanations than I could do of very simple observations. https://www.popsci.com/10-ways-you-can-prove-earth-is-round#page-15

  • john.prestor

    Yeah, he doesn't come across like an Elder. In my experience most Elders speak with authority or gusto at least... this guy comes across as skittish.

  • stillin

    Earthmeasured doesn't seem to realize that he has come to a place where the truth is valued.


    Flat earth and JWs?

    Sounds like "Cherished errors" lol

  • recluse

    why is this even under discussion? the earth is indeed flat. my house sits right on the edge. i like it that way, less yard to mow, plus i look out and have no neighbors. its nice because if i want to travel fron usa to china, i just tie a rope onto my house and swing out over the edge and land in china. although it hurts sometimes from landing on my head, but you get used to it.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Okay I'll try an hit on three solid proofs that seem to have been covered but not pushed too hard:

    1. You say you have studied astronomy. Ok then explain this>>>

    How come every other planet in this solar system is spherical??? Nevermind the 3000-4000 extra-solar planets found daily.

    The only exceptions you can make are planetoids and moons but even they are not flat. Maybe oval or odd-shaped but not flat. You say you know physics. Well all the objects I mentioned spin. If you actually use your mind and imagine a hot mass spinning at the beginning of the solar system it would only end up as spherical after a few hundred million years (Not counting the previously mentioned smaller oblong objects)

    1. Edit- I forgot stars, quasars and black holes which are spherical The only objects that are 'flat are spiral galaxies and if you studied cosmology you would have learned of dark matter and why they are 'flat-shaped')

    okay 2.

    You say you know physics then how does this so-called flat planet have gravity??? I need to get you to read pricipa mathmatica in English by Newton to see that flat-earth gravity is impossible.

    3. So you think all NASA images are faked?? ok What about Russian images from before? Oh yeah did you forget alot of the people going in space now are not Americans? Why lie that the earth is flat? What is the point?

  • Dunedain

    I like a woman with a nice round, spherical bottom. If her chest is flat, or on the flatter side, it doesnt matter all that much to me. I guess you could say i am in both "camps" on this one.

    I like it flat in some respects, and round in others. Its all perspective and location, really.

    Oh wait, am i misunderstanding this thread a little. Sorry, this whole flat and round thing put me in a different mindset, my bad.

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