Flat Earth and Jw. Not possible?

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  • OrphanCrow
    Not sure: Where is our OP?

    He fell off. Got too close to the edge

  • redvip2000
    This article discusses this issue and is very good

    This article is yet another bible apologist trying to save face vis a vis the copious inconsistencies of the bible.

    For example this nugget:

    Those who wish to argue for a biblical flat earth point out that all the kingdoms of the earth would be visible from a tall mountain only if the earth is flat. However, if this mountain of Matthew 4:8 with its view of the entire earth is literal, then where is it? Those who pursue this line of reasoning have never determined the location of this hypothetical mountain. If this mountain is hypothetical even on a flat earth, then this verse hardly constitutes proof that the Bible teaches the earth is flat.

    The point is obviously not if this mountain exists. It is that the writers of the bible, believed that if you went high enough on a mountain you would be able to see all of the kingdoms of the world.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Orphan Crow, 😂🤣

  • WillYouDFme
    I have a good scientific background

    YOU have NO scientific background if you have studied A Flat Earth.

    But please find the edge and jump off.


    I want to keep this stupid topic going because that's what sells among the ignorant.....

    haha, you get what you deserve

  • nateboussad

    I’ve been following this crazyness for some time now. The article was written by an intern who claims to be a rising senior at Yale but looks about 12 years old. Much of what he says is nonsense simply regurgitated from his subjects with no fact checking, something which should have been caught by the editor.

    The flat earth scam peaked a year or two back but still manages to scoop up some of the least intelligent and most gullible denizens of YouTube who are often persuaded to part with a few bucks by the FE gurus.

    It’s quite an indictment of our education systems when there are people out there who can be convinced that gravity does not exist and all of NASA’s imigery is fake. They even believe that the ISS is not in space but is a CGI green screen production studio somewhere in the desert.

    Bluestacks Lucky Patcher Kodi

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Last I heard OP went to measure the edge of the "flat Earth", it was snowing ,he slipped and fell off.

    Now he is flying in space and He is taking the opportunity to study and do a degree in space ,somehow will find his way back and educate us on how space is not space .Better still he will find the aliens with their advanced technology find his way back to earth and enlighten us that the earth is indeed flat .


  • anybody

    its to late to attend in person but still good FYI


  • StephaneLaliberte

    Earthmeasured: I believe you should have the freedom to share your views on the planet being flat so that others can either convince you otherwise, or make up their minds about you. That how freedom of expression works.

    For my part, I work with GIS software where, like your acronym indicates, the earth is indeed measured inch for inch according to a sphere model. Any other way will return flawed calculations, incorrect distances and coordinates. This is why distances between two points need to use Geodesic (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodesic). If our measurements were wrong, we would not be able to govern planes, boats, satellites, plan roads, electric/communication networks, all would be wrong. Yet, all these are perfectly calculated based on the fact that the earth is a sphere.

    As this basic mathematical fact is proven in our daily lives, I believe that the JWs are correct to say that such a person is not "exemplary". Still, they should not go as far as disfellowshipping as it would turn into persecution for merely expressing your opinion on a non religious topic. Especially considering that the bible described the earth as a circle, not a sphere.

  • Gr8-Believer
    in 2011 I stared my research on the crazy idea of flat earth. In 2014 I shared my findings in the congregation and was reproved. I wait years for something to be published about it. Then end of 2018 JW.org published an article stating the earth is spherical. It clicked then that the GB isn't spirit anointed otherwise they would know or at least research or pray for wisdom. They regurgitated the Jesuit Catholic priests with their Ba'al worshiping doctrine. I handed in my disassociation letter on 14th Feb 2018. Truth is truth and can hold it's own against scrutiny.

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