WoMD ... so where are they?

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  • Jayson

    JH I can easily believe that. Just like the Iraqi Airforce that fled to Iran the enemy of Iraq in GW1. But still the same question that SImon asks stands. "Where are they?" The US rattled it's saber and all of a sudden those Iraqi officals who were not in Demascus showed up. But Iraqi officals are not WMD assholes yes but WMD no.

    Thichi you are being goated by the testosteroneless. They namecall because it is all they have.


    (Simon one word and I will cut this out or delete it: By your command)

    How did the Iraqi Freedom operation help the Bush ANWR program? Didn't it really kill any hope of it? How is guaranteeing dependence on foriegn Arab oil going to help with this agenda? How does it jive with your "Bushie greed for oil" dreamscape?

    Is it possible that I'm a brainwashed sucker Will? No, realisticly I have all information sources availale to me and make the best choices I can at the time. I am not afraid to turn on my current beliefs out of fear or pride. Hate is not existent in my heart. In fact I am full of hope. Are you?

    Someone said that they as skeptical of everyone and super skeptical of anyone in government. That does not make you smart, it makes you paranoid.

    Simon asked for the "exact location" of Iraqi WMD.

    Answer: Simon I don't know where they are. I have little faith that if I go to Iraq I can find them myself and bring you to them. So the answer is I do not know.

    You said that you are angry over the ever changing reasons for US reasons for invasion. The reason never changed the need for "regime change" was in play. The UN/Euro pact did not want this because a lot of money was being made just the was; And the US was too. I am angry that the UN made more than one BILLION dollars off the backs of starving Iraqis! Why aren't you? Why aren't any of you more angry over the UN taking a cut of the Iraqi oil trade and then not doing anything to stop the starvation. Why aren't you more angry over Saddam interfering with the UN inspectors for all these years. Saddam is the enemy here not each other.

    I have heard the argument that if the US has WMD then Iraq should be able to have them too. That is stupid.

    I'm glad that we did not wait. The potential for good outways the risk of rouge nations doing the same. I know the precident that this pre-emptive invasion sets. One's reasons for pre-emptive action will never be justified in the Euro mindset. Only they pre-emptively invade not the USA. And yes as a hawk I am willing to take the chance of a pandemic war. For once we are not going to wait until we are behind the 8 ball to fight back. I could give facts, statisitcs, quote from scholarly books, point out the fake BBC journalism in regard to Iraq (Which they admit to), to support my case; but in truth you people who are against what I say, your minds are closed. I am talking to the dead. Really you don't care...Do you....

    Thichi thank you for all of your information. I have read it and I want you to know that it is not wasted here. I am sorry that some people are so rude to you.


  • ThiChi

    "You Bush apologists are something else. You cannot admit when you have all being conned"

    Pretty broad brush. Are you referring to the War in Iraq? Then all I can go on is your claims and predictions of how the war would go, which, todate, has proved to be false. You offer no valid examples to back up your absurd claims. The anti War crowd and the appeasement crowd’s views have been proven to be irreverent.

  • patio34

    Hi Rem,

    You said:

    The US had the right to go to war with Iraq after they fired the first anti aircraft artillery at one of our planes securing the no-fly zone. I think the US's restraint for 12 years is what is confusing people. Still, it will be interesting to see whether the recent action taken turns out positive for the world or if further restraint may have been the better course.

    I'll have to mull that over. And it all gets to be such a sticky wicket, doesn't it? There's a lot more to be said on the US's restraint for 12 years, too.


  • ThiChi

    Hehe, yea, baby, yea!

  • RubyTuesday

    So who is the Real Chick on the cover of the Entertainment mag? Not this chick!

  • searchfothetruth


    I purposely kept off this thread just to see if anyone else on this forum could have more luck in trying to reason with you, but, of course, they didn't.

    You insulted me quite early on saying that my record of half-truths and paranoid reasonings speaks for itself...well, it seems that they are only paranoid reasonings in your minds, as there are a lot of people who agree with me.

    Just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean i'm wrong.

    I see AlanF, who's reasoning skills and intelligence are not in question, has stated that you don't seem to know how to discuss/reason/answer questions and that was the same arguement I had with you.

    There have been a lot of good threads ruined lately by your un-willingness to discuss things properly, and resorting to ignoring direct questions and taking offense when anyone questions the motives of the government, which, as has been said before, is the most patriotic thing you can do.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    David Letterman's

    Top Ten President Bush Excuses For Not Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction

    10. "We've only looked through 99% of the country"

    9. "We spent entire budget making those playing cards"

    8. "Containers are labeled in some crazy language"

    7. "They must have been stolen by some of them evil X-Men mutants"

    6. "Did I say Iraq has weapons of mass destruction? I meant they have goats"

    5. "How are we supposed to find weapons of mass destruction when we can't even find Cheney?"

    4. "Still screwed up because of Daylight Savings Time"

    3. "When you're trying to find something, it's always in the last place you look, am I right, people?"

    2. "Let's face it -- I ain't exactly a genius"

    1. "Geraldo took them"


  • Robdar

    Greetings to all my friends on both sides of this topic:

    I had this discussion last night with a new friend of mine who had been supportive of going into Iraq at the beginning of the war. I told him my "dark secret"-- that I had been going to the peace rallies, thinking he should know up front since he is conservative. He mentioned that he would like to know just where the WMD are. He is becoming angry with Bush and believes he has been lied to.

    As he put it, "Bush had better find WMD and quickly"

    I must agree because Bush's popularity could suffer and that could have dire consequences for him during the next election.


  • ThiChi


    LOL. The Issue with AlanF was our disagreement on Simon’s mental state and his claim that the Government Controls the media. I gave examples of why this is not the case. He offers no proof for his claims, only name calling with no reasons offers for his claims.....if you whant to cite him as a good reason we are wrong, help yourself!

  • ThiChi

    Official: U.S. May Have Iraqi Mobile Weapons Lab
    Tue May 6, 2003 01:51 PM ET

    By Charles Aldinger

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Initial examination of a tractor-trailer truck turned over to U.S. forces in Iraq indicates it might have been a mobile chemical or biological weapons laboratory, a defense official said on Tuesday.

    "We have something that is interesting and we continue to look at it," the official told Reuters. "Preliminary indications are that it perhaps was part of a mobile chem-bio arms system."

    The official, who asked not to be identified, stressed no evidence had been found so far of the presence of such weapons of mass destruction despite investigations of several sites since U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq seven weeks ago.

    "It (the truck) was turned over to U.S. forces by Iraqis in late April" in northern Iraq, the official said.

    In Paris, a U.S. official told reporters on Tuesday that Washington might be "quite close" to announcing evidence that weapons of mass destruction had been found.

    U.S. forces have been scouring Iraq for evidence of chemical and biological weapons and nuclear weapon development, including possible wheeled laboratories. The United States cited the need to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction as a key reason for the war that toppled President Saddam Hussein.

    "There is no question that we are going to find weapons of mass destruction and the infrastructure that goes with the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction. And I think, actually, that announcements are quite close," said the U.S. official in Paris, who asked not to be identified.


    The Bush administration suspects that Iraq used mobile laboratories -- essentially tractor-trailers carrying scientific equipment -- for making or storing biological or chemical weapons in order to evade discovery by international arms inspectors who combed through numerous buildings and facilities.

    U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell, in a highly unusual presentation using sensitive intelligence information, showed the United Nations what he called evidence of such laboratories before the United States attacked Iraq.

    But several promising discoveries, including suspected mobile chemical-biological laboratories, have turned out to be false alarms.

    On Sunday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in television interviews he was "not frustrated at all" by the failure so far to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

    The U.S. official in Paris on Tuesday said the United States was considering providing help to Iraqi scientists linked to WMD programs along the lines of financial and other incentives offered to arms scientists in Russia and Eastern Europe after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

    "There is a substantial risk that knowledgeable scientists and technicians, managers have already fled the country and will seek to continue their work for some other rogue state." the official told reporters in a briefing.

    The official said about 1,000 scientists and technicians constituted "the core intellectual capital" of Iraq's nuclear program alone.

    He noted that U.S. forces in Baghdad had on Sunday taken into custody U.S.-educated microbiologist Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, dubbed "Mrs. Anthrax," whom the United States says was active in germ warfare development under Saddam.

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