WoMD ... so where are they?

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  • Shakita

    They are gaining access to Iraq's scientists and people who know where or what happened to the wmd's. They hold the key to where Saddam has hidden them. Can anyone say "Syria?"

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Xena

    Did the politicians lie to us? We will probably never know for sure...maybe they thought there were there and they weren't..maybe they were there initially and were destroyed by Saddam....maybe they lied and said they were there because they wanted this war for other reasons....I doubt the public will ever know the full truth, but then again do we ever really?

    Personally I am with jelly....the end result justified the means.

    Will I trust my President now? lol heck I didn't trust him before....

  • xenawarrior

    another thought I have is - just what were all these scientists on the payroll for? hmmm

    During the Clinton administration he was pretty much left alone about getting rid of WMD and had all of those years to find places to hide this stuff and places to move it to.

  • rocketman

    My guesses:

    They are very well-hidden and will take time to find (after all, they were trying to kep them from weapons inspectors).

    Some are in Syria, maybe some were distributed elsewhere

    or, the Iraqis actually did destroy them, a notion I still find hard to believe

  • gumby
    Don't worry Simon,

    They will find WMD soon, because the CIA are now 'looking' for them and if they need to find them that badly they will...by any means.

    Are you actually saying that our leaders could step down to the level of liars and decievers and actually "plant" some WOMD to look like Suddam really does have them? Surely you don't think our nations leaders could step that low ! Our government has never done anything like that before. Someone should just slap your pee pee.

  • dubla



  • dubla

    its funny how some people can ask questions/pose arguments on one thread...get responses to those questions, ignore the responses completely, and then start a whole new thread with the EXACT same questions/points. lets review the other thread of which i speak......

    simon said:

    I want to know how Saddam could be described as a threat to the world if they did not use WoMD even when they were being invaded?

    Also, we heard a lot about the proof that the USA and UK claimed they had of WoMD and satellite photos of bakeries chemical factories and such. Surely, finding them is just a case of driving up there? Maybe I'm being too naive?


    and here was my response:


    I want to know how Saddam could be described as a threat to the world if they did not use WoMD even when they were being invaded?

    its quite possible that we eliminated most of their capabilities to use these weapons early on in the war.....if saddam indeed had a "red line" drawn in the sand, where wmd were to be used once we crossed it...its highly probable that the leadership had been dismantled before we ever reached that point, not to mention the ground forces that would fire these weapons were mostly wiped out by that time. consider this possibility also: saddam could have been delusional enough to believe that he could drag this war out for a long period of time, getting bloodier by the day, with civilian casualties piling up, thus increasing world opinion and protests against the war, and forcing some sort of cease fire. in this highly unlikely (but possibly believable if youre a madman, or just a really poor military general) scenario, saddam wouldnt have wanted to use ANY wmd, as he could then maintain world support for his stance after the war, and also maintain the world opinion that the coalition actions in iraq were completely unjustified.

    Also, we heard a lot about the proof that the USA and UK claimed they had of WoMD and satellite photos of bakeries chemical factories and such. Surely, finding them is just a case of driving up there? Maybe I'm being too naive?

    youre not being naive in thinking that it is a simple case of searching the suspected sites....but you might be naive in thinking this could or should have been done by now. weve got quite a lot to do over there, which now includes policing the cities (which you and others have pointed out should be a priority....btw, we have police forces in route to iraq), and of course maintaining control over the cities, airports, roads, bridges, etc, that we have captured, not to mention keeping up the supply lines, and staying on top of humanitarian aid.....and then we have to look for wmd on top of all that, and its only been 3 weeks! the 125,000 troops in iraq are too few to accoplish all of this as quickly as some would like......i find it completely absurd that anyone makes the implication that these weapons should have been unearthed by now. so, can we just "drive up there" and search them? sure...do you know how many sites we have to "drive up" to? here you go (bold/italic mine).......

    As combat winds down in Iraq, the hunt for chemical and biological weapons or nuclear materials is rising on the priority list for American troops. There are more potential nuclear, biological or chemical weapons sites in Iraq than U.S. military teams to check them, Pentagon officials said Sunday.

    U.S. forces have a list of 2,000 to 3,000 sites in Iraq that need to be checked, and weapons teams are checking up to 20 sites a day, said the war's commander, Gen. Tommy Franks. Iraqis ranging from common citizens to high-ranking officials have suggested other possible hiding places to be searched, Franks and other military officials said.


    now, we are searching constantly, and new finds are being reported almost daily...but nothing is set in stone until extensive and conclusive tests are run by u.s. experts, as well as outside experts. i think the "smoking gun" will be confirmed soon, but its going to be some time before all the wmd are discovered.

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/14/49865/713309/post.ashx#713309 granted, thats been 3 weeks ago now....so that means according to franks, about 400 sites have been checked since then....only 2600 to go!


  • Simon

    Sure, policing and protecting oil wells is important. Maybe the soldiers who should have protected hospitals were off looking for WoMD (or a few $million is you follow the news). They have not done that much policing.

    Surely though, finding and securing the WoMD would be a top priority as it was supposed to be the main aim of the mission.

    What about making sure they don't fall into the wrong (terrorist) hands for instance?

    It seems bizarre to say "hey, I'm sure they'll be fine ... let's forget about them" !

    For me, it all smells fishy.

  • dubla


    finding wmd is a top priority, or we wouldnt be flying in another 1000 experts to join the search. who said it wasnt a top priority? there are many priorties, should we abandon all other priorties (humanitarian aid, policing the cities, conflicts from resistance....yes there is still fighting going on, etc, etc), and have every soldier in the country searching for wmd? that seems a bit preposterous now doesnt it?

    bravo for ignoring the bulk of my points once again. ill keep pointing out that you regularly engage in the very antics you accuse other of. here was one of your statements from a past thread:

    The problem is that sometimes people do not want to discuss things, they will not accept when someone makes a valid point or something that is difficult to answer (and frequently just ignore it and start a new topic).

    and of course theres this one:

    Unless you have something NEW to contribute then can I suggest we don't have any new topics about the war? The board is supposed to be about JW events and not soley a current affairs subject. If something new happens then fine but please keep things to the existing topics on the subject. Starting new topics on the same subject simply because the debate is not going your way is not on.

    i suppose this isnt really a new topic on the same subject though, as the search for wmd hasnt really been brought up on the forum until now.


  • Simon

    I apologise. I did request people tone down the war topics and am guilty of ignoring my own advice.

    It's either post on here or shout at the TV and that just makes me feel old

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