WoMD ... so where are they?

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  • Simon

    We were told by the US and UK that Iraq had terrible Weapons of Mass Destruction and they were a threat to us all.

    We were told that they knew for certain that they had them and where they were.

    We were told so many things. Now, the war is over, the weapons were not used and of course have not been found.

    How threatening could they be if they did not even use them when being invaded by a massive force (of the countries they hate)?! Perhaps, as many suspect, they didn't use them because they didn't have them?

    Now we're being told that we'll have to be patient and give them time to find them. Why? They said they knew where they were! They are also changing tack and now saying that finding WoMD is not important. Why? This is the thing that they said legitimisedthe war.

    Also, why should we give them the time that they refused to give the weapons inspectors?

    I get the impression that our UK government and Blair in particular is deparate to divert attention away from this issue and onto other news stories.

    What do you think? Will they find WoMD? Does it matter? Did they just tell everyone whatever they needed to so tey could have their war? Can leaders help being lying bastards or is a pre-requisite for office?

  • Francois

    Patience, patience. Saddam and company had 12 years in which to play hide 'n' seek with the WMD. And what if they're never found? Are you gonna insist we find Saddam and give him back his country so he can recommence torturing and killing his people again?

    If the western democracies had known for certain what Hitler had in mind when he designed the "final solution" wouldn't that have been enough in and of itself to put him out of business? How 'bout if we add the Anschlus? How 'bout if we add Lebensraum? How 'bout if we add the Sudetenland? The Rhineland? Poland? His activities at Pennemunde? The Battle of Britan? Where would he have crossed the line? Would he have ever in your mind have crossed the line? Where did Saddam cross the line? Where did Pol Pot cross the line? Stalin? Mao?

    I never thought you to be a moral relativist. I'm shocked.

    Can't you tell that a skunk is in the room just by the smell? Do you really have to set your eyes on the actual skunk?


  • LyinEyes

    I think you are going to start another flame war Simon...........and didnt you tell us to tone this stuff down............. Now I have been a good girl and have not talked politics, war, or any of it for along time .

  • Jayson

    Simon even Blix said it is early in the game. I have also heard snips that chemical weapons were done away with just prior to the war via captured Iraqi most wanteds. (But would/will there not be evidence of this? We will see.)

    Personaly I think some better questions could be does Blix have the right to force his possie on the scene? Many say he could help. But for now the US says no thanks. If they don't find anything then its their butts. But if they do will the world just dismiss it?

    Which is more important about this C.W.P. that Saddam is gone (which everyone is glad..Yes) Or that Bush's crediblity with much of the world hinges upon finding WMD in Iraq?

    I'm just glad Saddam's murderous regime is dead. If Bush gets his WMD validation good for my team; if not and he looses in 2004 then I am still glad that this was done. May it help to end the suffering in Iraq. If relations with the world and the US is damaged beyond repair forever but, 5,000 children in Iraq don't have to die every month anymore I can live with that.

    You know....The Middle East is such a hole

  • Simon
    Patience, patience. Saddam and company had 12 years in which to play hide 'n' seek with the WMD. And what if they're never found? Are you gonna insist we find Saddam and give him back his country so he can recommence torturing and killing his people again?

    Francois, if this misrepresentation is the best you can do then I'm very disappointed. No, of course I'm not saying Saddam should be put back in power and you know it.

    The topic is the WoMD, full stop (or "period" for Americans )

    We were told before the war that they knew for certain where they were. Now they are saying they have no idea and need to be given as much time as they need ... opposite to what they said about the weapons inspectors.

    This topic is about WoMD and nothing else. If people start posting nonsense then I will delete it.

  • Simon

    I think it's important that the UN weapons inspectors are there to verify any finds as otherwise there will always be the accusation or suspicion that things have been planted if the US or UK find them (as they have a real vested interest in finding them)

    I think that the issue of whether the leaders knowingly lied and misled people to achieve their aims is important. This is not what democracy is about.

    This is separate to whether it's good that Saddam is gone. Of course it is. But if it was important that he went for humanitarian reasons then we should have been told that was the reason for doing it.

    Instead it seems we were told a pack of lies.

    Now, when the next crisis comes up or something happens where the politicians need to stand up and say "trust us!" ... will we?

  • Jayson

    Simon I took what Francois said as more so that the Iraqi regime did not comply with full disarmament. Granted over this whole saga UN inspectors distroyed massive amounts of WMD without tanks. But Saddam was a fox. And I believe he had help from other countries. The second part was antagonistic and I don't think that's what you meant at all. Past that Simon I have to stop talking. I like you. I think that you are a good man who is very very angry about all of this. It seems you take it very personally like you feel violated. I am sorry for that. I am sorry if you think me arogant to say this. I am sorry for my country that you and so many feel like you have been rubbed so raw. It all seems like it happened so fast. But it didn't only the media sensationalism of it did. The media is flaming the bias of the world. And it is my sincere hope that the Iraqi people get freedom out of all of this. You know they have always been a people under oppression. Get that book guy. It may be to late as history has now been made but had you read it the media would have had much less effect with their propaganda. Thats my take.

  • jelly

    Who cares the worlds a better place now. I remember being told so many things too:

    • 100k's kia,
    • the Iraqis would hate us,
    • the arab 'street' would go nuts
    • terrorist attacks at home
    • etc
    • etc.

    looks like both side may have been wrong about some things (of course some people were more wrong than others by about four magnitudes of 10), but I stand by what I said before the world is better now.


  • searchfothetruth

    Don't worry Simon,

    They will find WMD soon, because the CIA are now 'looking' for them and if they need to find them that badly they will...by any means.

  • xenawarrior
    We were told before the war that they knew for certain where they were.

    Who said this? I don't recall ever hearing that we knew "for certain" WHERE they were. Please help me with this one Simon, I would like to see who said this. when and where. Got a link or something?


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