Funniest or strangest thing to happen to you when knocking on a door

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  • Toshibabadu

    Shirey w: she acted as if she was totally unaware. I played the role too. I don't know....i think at the time the mindset was "the angels will protect us" looking back i think it was the insanity that protected us. We was crazy enough to go in there, they had sense enough to leave us only.

  • Toshibabadu

    Leave us alone

  • smiddy3

    I knocked on the door and this curvy young woman just poked her head around the door ,I tried to keep her their as long as I could because behind her was a cupboard with a full length mirror and she was standing their naked.

    Another time was when a guy answered the door in his open dressing gown and was naked underneath it,I just politely said we`d call back another time.

    lastly I was doing rural territory in mid western Victoria Aust. when we were approaching a property when the farmer called out not to come any closer because of an infectious disease on site . I responded never mind we will be alright and kept on going ,he then said if you come any closer I`ll shoot you.

    Tha`ts the last time I ever believed country people were very hospitable.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    It was my turn to take the door. It was winter and quite chilly. So there we were, two sisters, she a very "proper" sister, an elder's wife, one of those perfectly put-together people.

    A man answers the door and I begin my presentation. I try to show him the magazine article, but need to remove my glove so I can turn the page. It gets rather difficult juggling all my stuff: gloves, bible, magazine, book bag... I drop my glove, and this sister quickly bends down to pick it up for me.

    I thank her, then drop my other glove. I start to bob down to pick it up, thinking I'd spare her, but she beats me to it. (I'm thinking we must be starting to look like a comedy act.)

    The man just stands there, waiting patiently.

    The sister hands me my glove, and when I reach to take it, drop my magazine.

    This sister yet again bobs down to pick up the magazine, and as she goes to hand it to me, the man reaches out for it, saying, "Why don't I just take that and make it easy for you!"


  • Master_Bob

    None was opening the door, but we heard noises from inside of the house, so we waited. When the door was opened an elderly man was standing behind (actually in a little bit squatted position) holding his pants little above ankles with one hand and stretching his shirt with the other hand to cover his private parts, the bathroom door behind him was opened with the light was on. I proceeded with the presentation as if everything was OK, he took the magazines with the hand which was holding his pants.

    I don't believe anymore that there is a legitimate reason to take a brake from shitting,


    Indonesian householder tells the story how he saw Gods heavenly wagon riding from heaven towards himself.

    So cargo cult really exists, it seemed so ridiculous to me when I read about it at a yb!

  • Gorbatchov

    This one is my best:

    Pioneer elder shows the magazins to the householder, with the comment "you should read it!".

    Householder asks the pioneer elder: "did you read them?"

    Pioneer elder looks to the front pages and answers "no, i did not read this editions yet".

    Householder says: "please, read them first by your self before saying I have to read them".

    Door closing.

    Gorby laughing loud and pioneer elder looks very, very sad.

    It's 30 year ago and I still remember the place were it happened 😂😂😂


  • stillin

    My 8 year old son and I got to the top of a stair onto a deck. The sliding glass door revealed an attractive, teenage, fully naked girl vacuuming the house, fully unaware of our presence. Since I couldn't believe my eyes I got a second look before turning my back until she noticed us. I figured she wouldn't be embarrassed if only a kid was watching her. She slipped on a flannel shirt and we had a nice conversation.

    I am not sure if she realizes it, but she is now married, with children, and living next door to me! I'm not saying anything unless she does!

  • jasonwade1914

    So many strange things. Probably people opening door naked, or holding a gun.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Working in the bush(Central America) where all the women were topless, I was forewarned please keep your eyes in the Bible and only eye contact..

  • EverApostate

    When I was handing out invitations for the memorial, one guy who opened the door , took it and flung in on my face. I convinced myself it was persecution.

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