Funniest or strangest thing to happen to you when knocking on a door

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  • Cadellin

    I was about 10 or 11 and the best darn little JW you ever saw. Anyway, we were doing rurals (parents, me, younger sister) and I was sent to the door with my sister. My parents were in the car, in the driveway. I knocked on the door and a man with a very bad hare lip came to the door. I gave my best mag presentation but he was not interested--poor guy could barely get the words out. I went back to the car but apparently, my mother was not paying attention, because she rolled down her window and said, "There he is! Go talk to him!" She didn't see me bomb out the first time! So, good little JW girl that I was, I went back and gave my presentation all over again. Boy, was he mad! He yelled at me and I trudged back to the car, totally confused.

    I still laugh about how angry the guy was. My mom, to be fair, felt terrible when I asked her why I had to go back a second time. That said, at least I got to count an RV.

  • tepidpoultry

    Short version: Lady makes us wait behind her closed door as she calls the cops on us, two police respond, then the cop asks her "Why'd you call us?" Lady lamely answers, cop looks at lady and yells: "WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO SHOOT THEM?" :)

  • dbq407

    Went to an RV one morning and as i was standing there, the peoples dog is running around like crazy because it is so excited and as it jumps on the porch it hurt its leg and started yelping in pain really loud. The lady opens the door and screams at me "you kicked my dog!", then the husband is running down the stairs of the second story with a closed fist and i am thinking "oh shit i'm gonna get knocked out right on the front porch." He comes running to the door but held back from knocking me out. Then proceeded to follow us to the car saying he is calling the cops. Never went back to that one.

  • Silent Knight
    Silent Knight

    One Saturday morning we were doing walking territory. It was my partners door. Lady answers but doesn't say anything, so my partner just goes into his presentation. Suddenly she grabs his hands and yells "JESUS CAN SAVE YOU! YES, HE IS SPEAKING TO ME!!" And she starts speaking in tongues. The brother pulled himself away threw up his hands and said "aw hell no im out" and just walks off and leaves me standing with a deer in headlights look. We had a long walk back to the car and she stood in her yard yelling gibberish at us all the way back to the car.

    Another time I went to a door by myself and a young guy answered. He didn't seem interested but I could hear the James Bond theme song in the back ground. So I asked which movie he was watching? And we stood talking for 20 minutes about which Bond we liked best (Connery to me but Craig is a close second).

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    With my brother and I we once got one of those ghost stares from a Hh, she never said a thing just stared right through us, was wearing a faded nightgown. Made my presentation she took the magazines while staring out past us we left and she kept staring.

    Another time I almost got eaten by a crazed hound. My brother took the door during a tract campaign, I was back up for the pit-bull chained up 15 paces away from the front porch. I was weary since it was on a small gauge chain I had seen my Collie break several times but it held as we approached cautiously while it barked and charged repeatedly. Once on the porch the Hh comes out ignores the dog and my brother goes into his presentation about midway I just hear a snap an instinctively jump up the porch and before turning around or even landing the dog has my shoe, had I been a second later it would have been my butt and it wasn't easy to get the shoe back. She took the tract and mags.

  • joe134cd

    I think some house holders can be really rude obnoxious or just creepy because they know they can get away with it. I remember once out in the territory, and we were out on the side walk. This HH drives up the side walk and although she was about 2 meters from narrowly hitting this very young girl. The intention was certainly there as the sister grabbed hold of her child to stop it from been hit. I don't think she reported it to the police but she wrote the plate number down and an argument ensued. That was just totally not on.

  • Princess Ashe
    Princess Ashe

    A woman answered the door and I start in on my presentation, and she grabs my wrist and starts to pray for me. ..... When I was much younger, I remember a women shouting and yelling at us to get off her property, she was so hateful and angry, and at the time I was wondering why would she be so angry with us, we are such loving people. (Now I can definitely understand this women's frustration) .... when I was a teen I was in a group with all brothers and we had just left a door where this very attractive woman answers the door without clothes she's hiding behind the door. And all afternoon I had to hear lame jokes in the car group about offering her some magazines or tracts to use to cover herself up.....the year I pioneered, I backed my car into a kitten, no one was home, I took it to the vet and brought it back to the house with a note and some medicine! :( ....... we just had a talk about avoiding *private property * the week before and so, I'm telling everyone in the car group hey there is a *private property * sign in the window of that house maybe we shouldn't go there, and the other pioneer sister says well it's inside the house, we're not going inside the house. So I end up going to this door and no one answers, I turn around and this huge dog is on the porch, he's chained, and starts to come after me, I start running in my high heels thinking I can out run this dog, nope, he gets a good bite out of my ass, before i can get to a safe place where his chain stops. The guy finally comes out of the house and ends up taking the magazines!!!! I file a police report about it and of course the officer is like "you did see the sign right!".......... in the middle of the work week we work this dead street(no one home) and we come to this door and someone had left their set of keys sitting right in the door. We just left them with a magazine of course.

  • Toshibabadu

    A sister invites me on a bible study, we get there and i realize it's a dope house. There is all kinds of activity going on. Gang activity, drug transactions. We just kept reading like "ok would you like to read paragraph no. 5....lets turn in our bibles to John 3:16" while big wil slips a gun under the seat of the sunken sofa in the living room, and crack smoke fills the air, every few minutes someone is checking the front door.


  • ShirleyW

    Princess Ashe- I have to ask, like the cop asked you, you did see the sign, so why did you call the Police? Was it your JW mindset at the time? That's the only thing I can think of, you can't feel sorry for people who are warned, but then just go ahead and knock on the door, you get what you ask for

    Toshibabadu - What was the mental condition of this sister that was conducting a study in a drug den? Even my very extremely naive, Uber JW mother wouldn't have sat down in a place like that!

  • Gorbatchov

    Indonesian householder tells the story how he saw Gods heavenly wagon riding from heaven towards himself.

    I had to laugh loud.

    Householder slams angry the front door after saying "why don't you don't take me serious",


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