JW Parents refuse to have 8yr old back after transfusion

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  • hippikon
    I just see that there are extremes in all organizations

    Agreed - but where were the loving elders? Or the loving arrangement of the HLC?

  • gumby

    Did someone say this isn't typical witness behavior?

    What is shunning your loved one then? Is it any different? Witnesses abandon their kids all the time.

    When the witnesses cut you out of their life, will not speak with you or have anything to do with those that love them......I really see no difference......the pain is the same


  • lastcall

    I'm not an apologist but this story sounds ridiculous... oh well let's take the ball and run with it anyway!

  • Mystery

    Happy Man -
    If she is not of legal age you STILL HAVE TO SIGN for her. Are you going to sign if she says "daddy please, I want to live" - you would be approving it - doc's won't do it without your signature. I hope this never happens to your daughter! I hope she doesn't die saying "daddy please......."

  • BeautifulGarbage

    I don't have a problem believing this story. Though, it is behavior that is not just characteristic of JW's.

    Back in the 1990's, in Fresno, CA, a set of Hmong parents were taken to court because they refused to allow their little boy to have surgery to correct his club foot.

    Their reason?

    Because they believed that this boy was born with a club foot to atone for sins of their ancestors. If they were to have it corrected, that would leave the family vulnerable to possibly even more wrathful retaliation, according to their religious beliefs.

    So, back and forth the court battle went. With the family being very adamant that the surgery was not to take place. Waiting until the boy was older, or an adult, was not an option because the surgery needed to be done while he was still a small child.

    The family shaman offered that the surgery could be performed. However, he would have to perform a ceremony "live" in the courtroom with the judge present. One of the things that would have to be done during this ceremony would be the sacrifice of a live chicken. That didn't go over very well with the judge. No chicken killing that day.

    In the end, the boy didn't have the surgery. The reason being that the family would have rejected him and he would have been an outcast in his clan. The judge felt that his family, and their care, was more important than being able to walk normally.

    Granted, this boy's situation wasn't life threatening. But, it shows just how hard people will cling to a religious belief, even if it means the life-long suffering, or death, of their child.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know of many JWs who have abandoned their children in the name of the WTS. They abandon them because the child has done something that breaks the JW rules. I have seen children and teens sent to live in other cities (popular in my family for any child who did not conform - 5 of us) sent to reform school/group homes (know of 4), sent to live with other non-JW relatives (4 known) thrown out of the house to be on their own and under 18 yrs old (6 at least). All of the previous were minors. All instances were condoned by the elders in several different cong and even different cities.

    And then of course there are all those of us who did not conform after we became adults. Parents who have disowned their child in the name of a religion. Granted the JWs are not alone in this but that is the group we came from so.... I think we are justified in speaking about our collective experiences.

    Let's face it the JWs would never admit publically they do this to their children. We don't need to blow their horn - they have enough who do that already. We need to signal the alarm

  • ISP

    I think this is an authenticated example of JW behaviour. I know of another instance where a JW family told their teenage chile to leave the house because she did not want to follow the JW life. The result was she could not get any social benefits because of her age and was forced to beg on the streets.


  • anti-absolutist

    What's the scripture??....... something like, 'to the extent that you do it to the least of these, my brothers, you do it to me also'. Don't JW's realize that the harm they inflict on their kids, etc is like they are doing it God? What am I saying, of course they don't!!!!

    Whether this is an extreme case by a couple of looney tunes or not is irrelevant. The fact is that they would likely be praised by the GB for demonstrating such a strong faith to sacrifice their own son. The fact that the freaks that did it are allowed to still feel like "GOOD CHRISTIANS" by the GB is a testament to the danger and havoc that the WBTS creates.

    There is no minimizing or rationalizing what they did!!!!!!!! They are bad excuses for human beings and will reap what they sow.

    Also, although I am sure the eight year old had a hard time dealing with it, in the long run, hopefully he was better off. (Hopefully he wasn't taken in by OTHER witnesses)


  • Paradiselost

    If you want to watch a chilling example of such a situation, I highly suggest you watch Babylon 5 season 1 episode 10, "The Believers."

  • blondie

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