JW Parents refuse to have 8yr old back after transfusion

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  • Simon

    That is so disgusting

    I think the kid may be better of in the long run without such obviously un-loving parents. Fancy, using your childs affection and feelings as something to use to make an issue out of something that is on shaky ground at-best.

  • ISP

    I guess the family wanted to sacrifice the kid to the boys in Brooklyn but the authorities spoilt their fun.


  • mattnoel

    This is Disgusting !!!! Why would the parents do such a thing ! this sort of thing really angers me and I just wanna go beat the crap outta the parents !

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I remember way back when ... the org taught that having a blood transfusion was like having a personality transfusion. They believed (and might still believe) that when a person got blood from another person they also got the person's personality so if the blood came from a "---insert deviant anme----" then that is what the blood recipient would become. I suspect these parents are under this misconception.

    Yes xena had it right having no natural affection

    They don't and seem to be proud of it - or totally oblivious

  • Dawn

    Perhaps they REALLY believed that the personality or being was in the blood. Obviously they are very uneducated people - and there are those types all over the place and in every religion.

    Not that I am sticking up for JW's mind you - I just see that there are extremes in all organizations. The JWs that I was raised around would never have done this type of thing. I can not speak for all congregations around the world - but as for the 5 I was in during my life as a dub I found that generally they were very sincere and good people - they were just mislead. I, of course, am not speaking of the few that may KNOW better and have closed their eyes to the real truth in order to maintain their position of authority in the little pool of fish - but of the rank & file 'dub who is trying desperately to please God and to be found worthy.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    We are capable of dreaming such beautiful dreams but still commit such horrible nightmares.

    How awful.

  • Mystery

    This is absolutely unbelievable!!

    Does anyone know what happen to this child?

    They distroyed an 8 yr old boy, telling him that they no longer wanted him??!!!
    I can not imagine disowning my son at all; much less at 8 yrs. old.

    Is there any information on this child beyond the hearing?

  • happy man
    happy man

    This topic is a perfekt exampleon how you ony help the GB , when you say this is acomon way to akt from JW, evry JW i now now that this is a sick behavior.

    I now going to tell you somethnig opposite, how I as an ongoing JW have decide to do when one of my child soon going to do an operation, I have tell her that she have to decide this fore herself, she is not a baptised JW, and how am I to force my belive on her,even if she is under 15 years old.

    Sotake down your bad talk abot JW in this things.

  • Xena

    You are right Happy Man that is an extreme example....but my comment on having no "Natural Affection" still stands...they teach their followers to put the org first..before mother, father, sisters, brothers and children....and we see it everyday in the shunning they practice.

    I recently went thru a divorce...I used my JW sister's attorney because she came highly recommended (don't get me started on THAT)...I went in there ALONE even though my sister lives in the same town as me...now when my sister went thru a divorce, I was there for her, at the attoreny's office and the attorney remembered this....she asked me where my sister was, why wasn't she there with ME, supporting ME thru this???? and I explained to her that my sister no longer associates with me because I don't go to the meetings anymore...her response?

    But she is your sister....and you were there for her....


    they fulfill their own freakin prophecy


    I agree with Happyman that this is not typical of JWs. These particular folks are obviously a bit more deranged in their thinking than the average JW. But you know, it strikes me that "the truth" seems to attract quite a good number of folks who are a just couple of cans shy of a six-pack!

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