JW Parents refuse to have 8yr old back after transfusion

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  • willy_think

    That reminds me of a Babylon 5 episode were this kid needed an operation to save his life but his parents said if he was cut his sprit would leave his body and his body would become a demon the doctor did it any way so the dad and Mom killed the demon.

    i thought that could never happen....little did i know

  • berylblue

    they fulfill their own freakin prophecy

    Yes, but isn't that what is "supposed" to happen? I was taught that that scripture would apply to JWs as well as the rest of the world. In fact, a sister used it against me when I stopped going to meetings when my daughter was DF for not screaming during an assault. She said, "don't be guilty of not having natural affection for your brothers and sisters".

    No mention, of course, about the lack of natural affection my so-called sisters, brothers and ELDERS had for me and my daughter during the entire DF procedure.

    I know this is off topic but I have to vent....

    Maybe in another topic.


  • topanga

    the bible says we are obligated to care for our families regardless of what they believe. i know that they the jws will have families put their teenage children out in to the street if they don't obey watchtower.

  • demar

    you know all of this stuff about blood and the watchtower comes from eisegesis of scripture. The whole blood issue in the old testament was about eating animal blood. When a person gets a blood transfusion the body does not receive the blood as food. Any doctor will tell you that. Food is eaten and digested. Blood is not. the bible says that the life is in the blood.,therefore a person lacking blood is lacking life. when you donate blood your helping replenish life to someone. And by the way I dont care what an elder tells you the only unforgivable sin in the bible is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Thus says the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Now in the new testament in the book of Acts it says to abstain from blood. I hear this from a lot of witnesses. But they dont read it in context. The whole argument was should the gentile believers exercise jewish customs. gentiles ate all kinds of blood and this would be destestable to their jewish bretheren, therefore the apostle tells them to abstain from blood so they would not offend their jewish breteheren. If you remember Paul talks about this in one of his epistles. So being a parent myself I cant believe a person would let an organization tell them to let their child die. Ask your elders about the ban on immunizations and organ donations years ago. And all of the people who lost loved ones. And then they realized that these things were beneficial and lifted the ban. Well what about all the people who died because of their teachings. Oh by the way they lost over half their members doing that time!

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