Did the jw's leadership ever apologize for 1975?

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  • Finkelstein

    No not directly , they just said some of are members may have placed too much expectation pertaining to this year (1975)

    The reality is the WTS leaders at the time (late 1960's) such as F Franz just regurgitated an old previous proclamation made by C T Russell concerning mankind's existence of 6000 years back in the turn of the century (1900)

    They even bullshited an actual month as in October 1975 to make it look like an actual verifiable date.

    Why you ask ?

    To enhance the proliferation of the WTS's own published literature by its devoted followers or duped exploited idiots.

    Lies and deceptions are at the core of this religious publishing house as is its innate corruption.

  • Finkelstein

    Sadly there was so much fear and anxiety built up by the WTS that some frail individuals committed suicide, two in my old congregation, both boys under the age of 25

  • minimus

    Apologize?? Lol

    Are you serious??

  • ttdtt

    Haa - no - they blamed the publishers.

    Over and over through the years.

  • dugout

    Thanks peeps just as I thought. 4 years ago at our district convention it was way overbooked I mean we sat in the parking lot for hours before we could get in. Their were even fights at the entrances. someone just made some mistakes in booking the congregations. Do you know they blamed the people in a talk saying we didn't go to our assigned assemblies???? Seriously ??????? In 40 years in this religion never seen nothing like it. Hey just admit someone made some mistakes in booking. Finally they told us we can go to a assigned circuit hall. That was creepy. They will never admit their mistakes.

  • zboubiz

    They don’t need to apologize. /s

    They only regret that some people took it seriously. They are the one who forgot that the number one rule being a JW is to fake that you know better but in fact act just like everyone else.

    " Oh the end is so close brothers - but take a look at the new house I just bought thanks to my full time job "

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I agree with the 'sentiment' which many here share on this subject.

    NO. The Borg never really did ever offer any official 'apology' on the 1975 debacle.

    They simply spun things around on the rank and file years 1976-80 and pinned the 'blame' simply on the rank and file for ''putting too much stock in 1975''. They cleverly spun things and blamed the 'brotherhood', for investing too much hope in 1975.

    Well, the internet age, proves otherwise. There are recordings of 'talks' from the 1971-75 years just-a-ramping-up the hype of 1975. Also literature also.

  • NewYork44M
    It is to be regretted

    By using this passive language they failed to take responsibility. This sentence would actually mean something if it has started "The governing body regrets..."

  • OnTheWayOut

    Basically, Watchtower "implied" very heavily that the end was coming in 1975. They left just barely enough room to say "We never DIRECTLY SAID THAT." Then later, Watchtower totally blamed the members for believing they said this.

    Much later, when there was murmuring in the membership about whether they should take the blame or if Watchtower did indeed lead the people to believe they said the end was coming in 1975, they came out with "Okay, we did mention the possibility and we encouraged caution, but many focused on the possibility and we didn't really stop you from being wrong."

  • Finkelstein

    Why didn't they apologize ?

    Because the top leaders of the WTS know F Franz lied about the 6000 year dating calculation made by him to reach 1975, which he just pulled out the old archives of past WTS's publications via C T Russell decades earlier.

    This dating proclamation made by the WTS was just a purposeful and strategic lie made so to enhance the proliferation and distribution of the WTS's published goods.

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