Did the jw's leadership ever apologize for 1975?

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  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "One thing religious leaders within one organization never try and do is expose their inner corruption and lies..."

    Ironic really, considering that they'd (re)gain a fair amount of respect from a lot more people if and when they did.

    I grasped that even as a child.

  • sparky1

    The 1975 train went off the rails and crashed a long time ago. No apologies, ever! Some survivors never healed from their emotional and spiritual wounds and never boarded a Watchtower train again. But the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses didn't care that they were actually the Engineers, Conductors and Brakemen on that train. Governing Body 2.0 just boarded another train called JW.Org Broadcasting and brought the gullible along with them for the ride.

  • Finkelstein

    As in many times when men have immersed themselves in power they have also immersed with corruption endeavored to support that stature of power and that is exactly the structure of which the WTS/JWS built itself upon, a stature of corruption and pretense, all correlating to a single religious publishing house.

  • Finkelstein

    One thing one can take note of is that the WTS never had any true academically trained bible theologians, starting right back to C T Russell. (late 1800's)

    The men that took over from him such as J Rutherford were Biblicaly trained by Russell an novice if you will who he himself drew in other theological concepts from others the like H Barbour and C Symth where Pyramidology originated.

    The long list of the top leaders of the WTS were essentially trained and indoctrinated by novice bible theologians, Fred Franz to name another, nevertheless these men had a publishing house in operation and they were pressed to make their doctrinal teachings attractive to the open public, hence this why and where 1975 came about.

  • EverApostate
    This never fails to get to me.
    "It is to be regretted" -- passive voice.
    Even in an "apology", they refuse to take personal responsibility.
    Imagine "apologizing" in this manner in any other situation.
    "It is to be regretted that your best friend was slept with by myself on the eve of her wedding..."
    "It is to be regretted that gasoline was poured by myself all throughout your house, and a match was lit, and a fire was started..."
    Link Dislike Likesir82, very good. You have best explained the manipulative Language of WT

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