JWs At My Door This Morning

by Francois 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • wednesday


    remember the poster, young lady, who said her brother set the mags on fire? That would have been the only thing left for u to do-wish i could remember who the poster was.

    good show.


  • rocketman

    They always want to bring the Catholics in. Well, they claim to be much better than the Catholics.And they fare no better, and have been in fact more stubborn at changing their procedures.

  • gumby


    My wizard minded friend whom his wit and charm is connected to his simese twin......uncle bruce.

    I wonder if the poor twit even had a clue as to what you were talking about? If he didn't....I'm glad you informed him. If was was honest he would have asked what you meantas I think I would have when I was a dub. I mean if someone said to me...."you protect pedophiles in your church" , I'm sure I would have said "..."what do you mean by that"? I hope he really thinks about what you said.....you did a good job!


  • jgnat

    Have some sympathy! The poor boy probably had to double up his coffee break just to restore his composure. I'll bet he tripled his count of hours in compensation for the unexpected persecution. No, wait. The latest WT study has instructed him that such persecution is to be expected from the ill-informed.

  • mattnoel

    Well done Francois, I am just waiting for my opporunity to do this ! I think it will be when we move now as they are too afraid to knock here !

  • Blueblades

    Hi Francois! Your directness,honest and to the point,straightforward approach was commanding to say the least.It achieved its objective.The first response he gives you is a "Red Herring" bringing up some point that is not relevent to your argument.

    You were Honest,he was dishonest.You were Principled and he was unprincipled.You were Genuine and he was artificial.No wonder the GB won't debate you!


  • acsot

    Yeah Francois! I can't imagine using the Catholics as our comparison model years ago when I worked mainly Catholic territory - I mean, come on! The dubs have the "truth", it's Jehovah's clean organization! Now they're hiding behind other denominations for protection! Congratulations on a job well done, wish I could have been there!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    "You're not a Catholic I take it."

    What an arrogant little snot. I would have chased him down and kick him square in the butt. If he'd stop being a book salesman for one minute and look around at his own organization, he'd see his house was in worse shape than the Catholics.

  • teejay


    ‘Scuse me for saying this, but...

    ... I have no doubt that my singular note of criticism will be drowned out by the rousing chorus of “well dones”, “attaboys” and “I wish I coulda been theres”, but there’s little that I can see in your treatment of Brother Jones that is particularly noteworthy. Nothing, really. As far as *I* can tell, all you did is rudely blindside a person who came to you with – at least to him – honorable intentions. And besides, it’s activity that you engaged in yourself countless times, if I’m not mistaken. Seems you were in the perfect position to show a bit of basic human compassion and understanding.

    That it’s quite possible that Brother Jones is totally unaware of the pedophile issue relative to his Organization is something that you didn't consider then or since when reflecting on how you treated him. As you know, it wasn’t too long ago that many of those who are now at the forefront of the battle against it were themselves quite in the dark about it. Stands to reason that those much further down the hierarchal chain are even more uninformed. To attack a person who is very likely totally unaware of whatever in hell you were talking about was arguably pointless at best but, most probably, cowardly.

    But then, on the other hand, maybe you were trying to “help” him. If that’s the case, you could’ve done a better job. Instead, all you did (in *his* mind) is “persecute” him.

    P.s. It just so happens that a JW came to my door yesterday, too. It happens every now and then, but I don’t see the need to start a thread every time it happens. I invited him in. JS and I had a nice conversation that had nothing to do with the JW spiel. Until the end and he was about to leave. It was then that he invited me to the Memorial. I thanked him. From my heart. I saw his invitation as an act of kindness. Don’t suppose what I did will be met with rousing approval here.

  • teejay

    You know, Frank, I’m curious...

    If it was a Catholic “Brother Jones” that happened to come to your door, would your response to *him* be the same as it was toward Brother Jones?

    What if he happened to be Muslim and was only politely inviting you to the Mosque? Would you be equally brusque in dismissing that one from your property as you were with Brother Jones? How about a Democrat? Would you blame him for Clinton and perhaps see it as a testament to your great self-control that you didn't kick him in the butt as he left?

    What if he were a Mormon and... ... oh... nevermind.

    p.s. I also wonder if, in all of these hypothetical situations, others would be as proud of how “well” you did as they seem to be of your treatment of Brother Jones.

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