JWs At My Door This Morning

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  • Francois

    I was standing on my front porch talking on my cell phone when three car loads of them pulled up down the street. Well. By the time I finished my conversation, one of the JWs was standing on my sidewalk waiting for me to get off the phone. I eventually did.

    "Good Morning," he said, "I'm Joe Jones, and I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses," he proudly informed me not knowing he was staring down the barrels of a side-by-side 10 guage goose gun.

    "Well, Mr. Jones, you can stop right there. I refuse to have any dealings with people who protect pedophiles," and I pointed with my cell phone toward the street in an obvious invitation for him to vamoose.

    As he was vamoosing, he said over his shoulder and through a sour expression on his face, "You're not a Catholic I take it."

    "No, I'm not Catholic, but I fail to see that as a germane topic right now."

    "Well, the Catholics have been protecting pedophiles for years."

    "And so has your organization Mr. Jones. And I can't believe you'd even bring that topic up. It is irrelevant what the Catholics do. That's no justification for Jehovah's Witnesses doing the exact same thing. You come here to tell me you're as good as the Catholics. Are you nuts? You're supposed to be the only channel of communication God is using today, and you behave like you're running a bawdy house. Now get off my property and don't come back. Any of you."

    And he left, scowling that he was unable to overcome an objection at the door I guess.

    It made my entire day and it's early yet.


  • expatbrit

    Boy, he wasn't the most sharply folded tract in the bookbag, was he!


  • nowisee

    wow. did you have that spiel all prepared or do you just think that quickly? i guess you made your point! hope he got it.

  • Matty

    Brilliant Francois - 10/10. I wish more members of the public would give the Witnesses a hard time rather than being so apathetic. Don't just tell them to get lost - tell them WHY, and maybe you might have rescued one of them - who knows?

  • minimus

    Francois, Poor Witness. He thought he was going to share some "sacred secrets" with you, huh? Pity the boy. As soon as I read your Subject, I said ,"Oh,OH!". He tried to give you that red herring. Well, at least he didn't get Farkel at the door.

  • freedom96

    I bet you did enjoy that one didn't you!

    Too bad, I would have enjoyed listening to you nail them longer!

    If only people would start confronting them more like you did, I wonder if that would lessen the hours they actually spend going door to door. No one wants to get blasted like that.

  • Shakita

    Good job, Francois.

    Hopefully, some of your neighbors overheard your response. Just like them to bring up the Catholics to try and lift the heat off of themselves. I bet you made "his day."

    Mrs. Shakita

  • shera

    Nice one Francois.They need to hear this,hopefully this will open his eyes....hopefully....


    If you were near by,I`d take you out for a beer..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • berylblue
    Boy, he wasn't the most sharply folded tract in the bookbag, was he!

    VERY funny!


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