JWs At My Door This Morning

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  • free will
    free will

    my first thought was.... oh no not francois! they didn't know what they were in for. good for you!

  • riz

    excellent job, Francois!

    what a jackass- "I take it you're not Catholic" derrrr!

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Well I am a little disappointed! You could have played with them a bit longer!


  • DanTheMan
    As he was vamoosing, he said over his shoulder and through a sour expression on his face, "You're not a Catholic I take it."

    "At least we're not as bad as the Catholics" was the most frequently used stop-thought technique I employed when I was a JW.

    Makes me sick that I ever participated in such a fraud. I hope your ruined that JW's day Francois. Sometimes you have to hit 'em hard, kid gloves are not always the right way to go about things, as you seem to realize.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Wow Francois - that took balls but then I wouldn't expect any less of you. I think it is interesting the different tactics ex-JWs can use on them. I seem to get mostly women at my door and try to engage them in conversation about it. And I always add in "I wonder who was praying for you this morning at the service meeting before you went out? How would you know if he was an accused pedophile?"

    The borg is so good at making them fear the world when they really need to be afraid of what they don't know about those inside the cong. This last woman who came to my door says she knows one "brother" who beats his wife. She says she can't even talk to him. I really like stirring that stuff up.

    I think we need to let them know we are out-raged at their accusations of the Catholic Church meanwhile they hide their own dirty laundry. Well done

  • sf

    Awesome Franc!

    'As he was vamoosing..." hahahaha

    Yea, gets easy now. When and /or if they do have the foolishness to make a return visit; just in case they thought you were kiddin', slam them with the U.N. "schtuff".

    Anyways, good goin'!!

    I agree with Matty. Engage them. Don't just turn them away. Get them thinking or at least try.

    Edited to add: my jw experience about three weeks ago: "Thanks for planting your seeds, I know I'e planted mine">> (http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/48876/1.ashx)


  • outnfree

    Bravo! Bravo! <<applause>>


  • Warrigal

    Beautifully done, Francois! I wish I had your way with words...sometimes I only open my mouth to change feet. Good job on 'em.

    Currently I'm decompressing from my elder's visit....more later.

  • Scully


    Congratulations!! I would have loved to see you in action! You're hero material, my friend!

    Love, Scully

  • Hamas


    I couldn't name anybody more fearsome to meet on the service than you.

    Through your past posts Its clearly evident that you know your stuff, and are very firm minded.

    I congratulate you fully, well done !

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