Your favorite Watchtower oddities

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  • dins

    Our dear Heavenly Father...

    Ministerial servant (what the hell does that REALLY mean?)

    And one that really got me going: Bad associations spoil useful habits.

    Feel like chucking now, actually.

  • figureheaduk

    "theocratic warfare strategy"

    (i.e lying)

    also the other one that made me chuckle when I read about it somewhere was when the WT decided to say it was god's wife, and therefore the mother of mankind (or something like that - can anyone else back me up on that?)

  • BluesBrother

    The honest hearted ones may keenly anticipate the Great day of Jehovah when he will sanctify his name by bringing climax of the Great Tribulation namely the Battle of Armageddon , in which those rightly disposed for everlasting life will be preserved alive.

    The scary thing is that I just rattled that off as if I was still dashing together a talk at the last minute - old habits (and cliche's) die hard !

    bikerchic, please explain an "Elderette"? that one never made it to this side of the pond

  • NaruNaruChan

    One of the characteristics of a cult is terminology specifically understood by members of the cult... HMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  • Swan

    "prefigured" and "class" as in "Noah prefigured the governing body class." (because they were both up to their knees shoveling s***!)

    Tammy (one of the "modern day apostates" <== That's actually my favorite!)

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    BAD ASSOCIATION - If I hear that scripture one more time I'll gag. Who determines who is bad anyway? The borg judges people down to their underwear. WORLDY PEOPLE - I was never comfortable with how non JW's where viewed, they didn't matter unless they became JW's, some of my relatives who I dearly love where so called worldy and the JW's so eager for their destruction. Never liked the looking down on people. LOOSE CONDUCT - not that I've ever been accused of it but what the hell is that? Either you have sex or you don't. THE PIONEER RANKS - the what?! SERVING JEHOVAH FULLTIME - excuse me? Aren't all Christians trying to do that regardless of hrs spent in the field? It was like non pioneers didn't count, never liked that either, even when I was a pioneer. YOUR CAREER AS A WITNESS - say what? Last time I checked not one of us got paid, this was said to discourage people from going to college, thank God I didn't listen to that nonsense! - Victorian Sky

  • micheal

    RIGHT HEART CONDITION - What the hell does that mean?!!!

  • Roddy

    Don't forget "theocratic". It doesn't seem to be used much in the current lingo of JW Frequently Used Words but during the Knorr and Franz periods, it was used all over the place from hair grooming to kinds of employment to personal attitudes.

  • Mulan

    The one that used to make me cringe, even as a dub was "Jehovah willing" whatever. I just never thought he had that much to do with our day to day lives.

    One couple we ran into at a restaurant said this: "Jehovah willing, we will go to Hawaii in March".

    Did anyone mention "the truth"? That one still makes me curdle into my toenails.

  • freedom96

    So scary to read all these comments are remember all those horrible years spent going to the meetings and hearing all that garbage.


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