Your favorite Watchtower oddities

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  • ARoarer

    spearheading the preaching work, going to where the need is great, worldly associaton, being in submission, unassigned territory, 2 witnesses, everlasting destruction, Babylon the Great, mental regulating of Jehovah, children be obedient to your parents........................................................

  • NaruNaruChan







    "PERSECUTION (or any variations on that word)


    "heartfelt prayer"


    Any of those stupid ass words.

  • gold_morning

    wordly endeavors

    accurate bible knowledge

    heartfelt attitude

  • TresHappy

    When the "been a JW a long time" people started using initials for everything. R.V. - I thought they were talking about a Winnebago. Wish I would have heard someone use B.S. for Bible Study, which really was a Book Study. B.S. seems so appropriate for the latter.

  • In_between_days

    Stumbling Block

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    How about ``fine?" i.e., that was a ``fine'' talk, a ``fine'' comment, a ``fine" privilege, etc. etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

  • zev

    Jehoover God's earthly, spirit directed, clean, visible, borganization. (tm)

    there's more to that, but i'm having a blonde moment. seem's i'm missing some brains.

  • somebody

    " the First Century Governing Body"

    That ALWAYS made me roll my eyes. Considering the fact that there isn't, and never was, such thing as the first century governing body.


  • Death by Questions
    Death by Questions

    " Fleshly desires" or "works of the flesh"... Or,what about some of the "Kindom Melodies" with their abbreviated words that you felt so stupid singing,like "heav'n for heaven...Why couldn't they just put the damn (e) in there?!! ...Oh and one phrase my Dad would always use in prayer,"forgive us for where we fall short and sin...Or as I used to say,forgive us for our "fallen shorts." Ahhhh,and so many more.....

  • NeonMadman


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