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  • logansrun

    You know, there are some things phrased that are just so, so....Watchtoweresque. What are some things you see that remind you of some WT foibles? One thing that always cracks me up is when an article or book (or post) uses too many exclamation points. I asked an acquaintence of mine who used to study what he thought of the magazines, and that was the first thing out of his mouth! Funny religion, eh?


  • micheal

    All of those same old stupid words like, "commendable", "encourage", "upbuilding" etc.... Also all of those stupid freakin pictures. I couldn't stand it when you would have 478 comments made on one frickin picture.

  • logansrun


    Another word I've noticed the JWs use more and more: beneficial. So much of the publications and meetings these days are geared toward trying to show how "beneficial" being a JW is. Like, now that you are in, we are going to prove it to you. What a crock.


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  • minimus

    #1, The faithul and discreet slave #2 The body of elders #3The governing Body #4 The worldwide work #5 The Truth #6 The simpification program #7 "Worldly" people #8 "a submissive wife" #9 The last days and #10-----1919

  • Uzzah

    Even while strong, it drove me nuts how everything was a 'privilege."

    Cleaning toilets - privilege

    Wrecking your back building a Kingdom Hall with no training - privilege

    Giving all your money to the Borg - privilege

    Being allowed to attend 5 meetings a week - privilege

    Forsaking college or high paying jobs - privilege

    Having sex - evil

    Now that's screwed up!!!!!

    Uzzah - who finds it beneficial and encouraging to regularly fellowship with like minded individuals. It is a blessing to enjoy this privilege of service with you...

  • acsot

    Variations of "it's a privilege", "I had the privilege of", "isn't it a privilege". Like someone saying to me "oh you had the privilege of visiting Israel". Hell no, I worked hard, scrimped and saved every penny and paid my way. I deserved it!!

    Like the "privilege" to clean the KH bathroom !

    Also, "eagerly anticipate". JWs eagerly anticipate everything, the next assembly, the next CO visit, the new service year, Armageddon - sheesh!

    "Independent thinking", which for "normal" people is a good thing - making up your own mind after weighing all the possibilities. Watchtower-speak makes it the exact opposite.

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  • logansrun

    Hey, I thought of another one. Basically, the publications are written at about a 7th or 8th grade reading level, except for about one word every week in the WT which, invariably, someone would comment on: "Now, this word, "penultimate," well, I looked that up in the dictionary and it means...." Like, the boys in the Heights want to slooooooowly raise the reading level of the rank and file. Or, maybe it's some sort of signal to the elders to watch out for anyone that actually knows what the word means without looking it up -- yeah, watch out for them; they are "too smart."


  • nowisee

    the thing that always drove me crazy was "setting the example".

    the sisters should "set the example" and wear proper clothes and makeup.

    we all should "set the example" by studying, preparing, service, etc. etc. whatever it is they are trying to get you to do.

    everyone should "set the example" in seeking out proper entertainment, e.g. not go to movies they deem inappropriate.

    you know, it all seemed so hypocritical, like they were only doing what was right to "set the example", for show, for appearances. sooo self-righteous.

    seems to me being Christian is BEING like Christ in thought and deed not "setting the example" by some human standard. to me it is something you work out between you and Him. not with the idea that, oh if i do everything in the "theocratic" way people will see how good i am and learn from me.

    well thanks for letting me get THAT off my chest.

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