Your favorite Watchtower oddities

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  • TresHappy

    "Jehovah's clean organization" - no wonder scrubbing toilets and cleaning the Kingdom Hall was supposed to be "beneficial" and "upbuilding".

    Another thing, all of the crazies at the assembly standing in line waiting for the newest publication copy. The "latest and greatest" from the "Faithful and Discreet Slave."

    And also the term "Jehovah's happy people" - why was I so MISERABLE? I know, I didn't put Jehovah first in my life...

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  • goofy

    The congregation "parties". They actually called them parties. Come on..I have been to some parties and the ones held in the congregations do not qualify. You sit around a pot luck and talk about the latest meeting or servicing experience. If your lucky someone gets a game going somewhere, but no one wants to be competitive and actually keep score. And the clothes should not be revealing or sexy.

    I could show them how to party. I think I will send out some invites to a party--my style

  • simplesally

    What about "pandemic"??

    Panic + epidemic

  • anglise

    Things described as UPBUILDING when they had the opposite effect.

    BIBLE TRAINED CONSCIENCE when it really means WT brainwashed.

    We didnt have parties we had 'get togethers' but no 'large social gatherings' were allowed.

    Just a few that come to mind.


  • bikerchic

    Bulliten Board became the Information Board


    field ministry

    ministry school

    book bags.......those larger than marge purses to carry all your WTS literature for the off chance you could do some:

    Informal witnessing

    Brother, Sister I hated those terms!

    Proper christian attire



    Congergation, Congergation overseer, Presiding overseer

    Elder, Elderette

    Ministerial Servant


    Un-babtized publisher


    Bible study= double speak for WTS study....ugh!

    Bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary celebrations and not to forget the yearly after the Memorial party that just became the "approved-way" to celebrate the holidazes we were missing out on being J-duds, more ugh!

    My all time favorite hated term; "In The Truth" ..............gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

    Ohhhhh how this brings back memories! Anything different from mainstream religions to make us be DIFFERENT!! FREAKS! That's how I felt, different and freakish.......

    Katie (of the I'll go back when pigs fly class)

  • avishai

    How 'bout zealous? The defining charactaristic of a "zealot", aka fanatic.

  • micheal

    "Would someone like to comment on the picture on page 10 of our wt? Yes, Brother Dumb Ass at the back" - " Um yeah, if you really look hard enough there is a family with big smiles on their faces with a basket of apples in their arms, they have really shiny teeth. Behind them you can see a little boy playing with a lion. Beside him you can see a stream of water coming from a waterfall. I believe all of this represents all of the "SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS" we will all be "PRIVLIDGED" to share in the "NEAR FUTURE" - "Thank you Brother Dumb Ass for your "UPBUILDING COMMENT"

  • Kenneson

    And God will soon transform the earth into a paradise. And soon, and soon, and soon, and soon, and soon, and soon, and soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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