What is life?

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  • prologos
    LUHE: "Life is a struggle

    a profound statement, it is only because of the ones that struggled successfully that we, life, are around today and enjoy it's advancements , pain relief ---.

    P.S. learn to enjoy the struggle. most successful strugglers did, Einstein, Usain Bolt,-- if you do not enjoy struggle, achievement, you miss life's purpose, it is the push for success, betterment. Creation rewards the successful livers. remember Jacob's hip, hipp hipp hurray.

  • Freeandclear

    I can not find happiness or meaning knowing it will all end and be forgotten. To me it's all absolutely pointless. Finding meaning - is merely a distraction from the reality of all of our eventual deaths. How can anyone be happy? Only by ignoring the facts can you find happiness. I know for certain I would be better off as a cat, or any other being that's not been "cursed with consciousness". That truly is humanity's biggest curse. We are no better for it. I wish I was a babbling idiot or a retard who could not ponder such things as my own eventuality. It's very hard to deal with...

  • prologos
    "I can not find happiness or meaning knowing it will all end and be forgotten.-- cursed with consciousness-- Freeandclear:

    if you think about it, , How important it is to make the "now" a quality experience!, what would makes you happy? push that to the limit, for all. You do not live in the past, for it does not exist any more, any of it, and not in the future to which you have not travelled yet. so: live your life, happy, - not happy at any price, but meaningfully.

  • punkofnice

    freeandclear - We are on the same page.

  • transhuman68

    LOL, I'll tell you the only thing my grandmother said that I know of (she died the year I was born) - 'Life is all anticipation'. And that's it - humans are goal-setting creatures, always working towards and looking forwards towards some new thing again and again, until they eventually drop dead.

    Crazy, but there is no other way.

    We are just pawns on a chessboard, playing for a while until its game over, and we get thrown back into the box, lol. Enjoy i

  • Vidiot
  • punkofnice

    Tahnks vid. Super song.

    This was me when life had a meaning but I was singing of the end....


  • smiddy

    Life is how you deal with the cards you have been dealt. Or sometimes it can mean you having to put up with what life deals out to you having no say in it,

    Its going to mean different things to different people ,depending on where you are born in this world......Chance ? Why were you born where you were,Is that anything to do with a God ? I dont think so .

    That opens up another kettle of worms not to be addressed here.

    In the western world sure you have oppourtunities to make something out of yourself and be successful in whatever venture you want ,but is that the case with someone born into a third world country ?

    Life is an accident of where we happened to be born in this world.

    Had i been born in Saudi Arabia to an average family would I be living here in Australia owning my own home ?

    What if I had been born in Iran , North Korea ,India ,Amozans ,etc,

    So what is life ? It`s a product of chance ,and time and unforseen occurences. happening ,with no divine intervention taking place.

  • punkofnice

    smiddy - I agree with you.

    Someone recently said that I'm very unhappy because my life went down the crapper once I left the JWs and lost my friends and family; that my life is not what I expected and it made me desperately sad. Maybe much truth in that. There is futility in all I see and I can no longer block it out with activities.

  • Ruby456

    Punkofnice sometimes people can have such feelings because there is a biological cause. I know that jws can frown on medication but once that is left behind an individual can explore what treatments are available.

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