Where are you going when you die?

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  • Mystery

    I was laughing so hard I couln't see the screen!
    Humm - My husband agrees with you.
    Outlaw - yours is a tempting scenario.

    Jesika & Big Tex- I agree with you. It is hard to explain to a teenager. I don't worry about it, if I did I wouldn't have time to live. I just have to find a way to tell him that he will accept and not worry about me.

    Outnfree - I will take your advice - i do need to talk to them about death more and about my funeral. I have to get an agreement with my husband first, I want to be cremated and thrown out the window somewhere driving down the road or where ever and he was me in a hole with a tombstone. So we have to figure that out before we talk to them.

    The boy driving was drunk/high; he wasn't injured but the girl (my sons friend) and a 6 yr old in the car were killed. It hit my son pretty hard.

  • anti-absolutist


    Sorry to hear of the sad news!!!!! I'm sure your son needs to know that he feels safe in THIS world, especially now. He is old enough that he must be realizing how fragile life is right now.

    As far as where we go when we die, I thought one of the scientifically proven things, (Einstein I think) is that energy never truly dies, only gets transferred. I'm not highly educated myself but it would seem to me that some part of our energy must carry on. I can't say if it is a re-incarnation type thing or our soul going somewhere else, but I think that how we act in this present form has some sort of bearing on where we go next.

    To me, even a hardened criminal, when they realize the error of their ways, believe that they are in a better spot when they are doing good things. The fact that everybody on earth seems to believe that they should at least try to be GOOD, must mean that it has something to do with where we go in our next calling.

    My thoughts are with you and your son, Brad

  • Tashawaa

    Ditto, anti-absolutist. Thats how I feel. I believe we all have a gut instinct about the afterlife. As was said earlier, every religion teaches "life after death". I don't think it hurts anyone to hope for more than this life, however, live your life like this is the only one.

    Gawd, doesn't it feel good to NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. I remember the feelings I'd have of "knowing" what happened after death, and feeling a "pity" to all those that didn't know. Stupid, eh?

  • gumby
    Personally, I hope to be coming when I die.

    You just might! Many men have had heart attacks during this moment......but what a way to go Gumby

  • neverthere

    I believe that when you die your soul evolves and sometimes is reborn into this world if you have more to learn. Once the soul has learned all it needs to it passes on to the next level of consciousnous (sp?).

    Personally though, the coming thingy sounds kinda good to!! Hehehhehehe


  • DIM

    I grew up w/ summers on Long Beach Island, NJ. I want my ashes spread out on the Atlantic Ocean there.

  • WildHorses

    When I die, i'm going to be burried upside down, so that the world can kiss my arse.

  • wednesday

    I rather like the ideas presented in the movie "Always" with Richard Dryfess and Holly Hunter. Dryfess comes back to help the living and say go bye to Hunter. Seems like a nice idea. he heped a young pilot get a needed break and saved Hunters life. I liked it. He was told he had lived his life and now he would get to help someone else. Really captured my fancy.

    Generally, i agree, that just living as a decent person, and wait to see what is on other side.

  • Silverleaf

    I'm going to the Summerland to spend some time reflecting on what I learned in this life and planning what to do in my next one. Hopefully I will get to spend some time with my brother who died at 6 months of age, although I sometimes think he may be here in the form of my son.


  • Valis

    I'm going to be reincarnated as a porn star...oops wait that was last time! Ummm...*LOL* I get cremated and then hopefully spread somewhere far and distant and a place I hadn't been before...like the shower...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

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