So Long, I'm Off to Iraq to be a Human Shield

by Robdar 42 Replies latest social humour

  • Robdar

    And how would it have been if I had posted in the thread about the dead puma at the zoo- "Hey, do you know what they are doing with the fur? I need a new jacket" Funny?

    Joke away, XW. Who cares what you do? I doubt that your joke would be much funnier than mine. But hey, knock yourself out. Please, knock yourself out.

    idea of Uday Hussein handcuffing himself to Robdar as his own personal human shield, lol. He'd probably make her wear a soccer outfit !

    6, I think that is a hilarious mental image. I like it. But in my version of the fantasy, I get to punch and kick Saddam. I might not be very big physically, but I can scrap with the best of 'em.

    Thanks for posting everybody.



  • Athanasius

    You had me worried when I read the subject line of your post. But it was good to see that it was just and April Fools joke. But let us hope that his war ends soon.


  • Solace

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