So Long, I'm Off to Iraq to be a Human Shield

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  • Robdar


    Nobody said that other posts weren't welcome. I don't trust you so why should I care if you trust me? Oh, that's right, I dont care. And if you are tired of both sides of it, why did you feel a need to jump in here and bring the matter BTT?

    I want to thank you for helping to make this thread one of tonight's hot topics.


  • tyydyy

    Ok People. I don't get it. I fail to see the humor in the april fools joke. It wasn't believable so it wasn't funny.

    Offensive or Tasteless..........PUUUUULEEEEEEASE. Get a life people! A few people are dying and we're all supposed to be serious all the time? Throughout history serious points have been made through humor. Have you ever heard of political cartoonists? They make their living every day by bringing humor to serious subjects. You may say it's tasteless but that's a matter of taste now isn't it? I happen to like grits with my eggs in the morning and I don't think breakfast is complete without it but you don't see me telling the person next to me who ordered a foo foo omelet they are tasteless. Get my point. What Robdar said could be taken in a variety of ways and I see that no one asked for any clarification. No. Many just vommited out the words TASTELESS just because they weren't comfortable. Listen here folks. War is not comfortable. Not when you're having a serious debate with a bunch of no-it-alls. Not when you try to make people think with humor and certainly not when there are bullets and bombs coming at you. Your self-righteous indignation only shows YOUR inability to handle an uncomfortable subject with class.


  • lauralisa

    Whoa. I go to work, come home, check out the board, and wtf...

    Granny Linda, how much I wish we could sit down and have some coffee. How wise you are.

    Humor dispels much angst. If I were to let my true feelings about this war propel my typing fingers, it would certainly result in a diatribe not appropriate for this forum. No one would read or care what I would have to say anyway.

    I beg anyone who takes offense of the April fool's day opportunity to "laugh" to please extend some latitude. I obviously do not understand the attacks taking place in this thread; I don't want to understand them, even though some of the people making them are held in very high esteem by me.

    I support anyone who keeps the "curve" in balance... tyydyy, good points you make.

    oy, lauralisa

  • teejay

    You got me. You're right. I'm a big fool.

  • SixofNine

    I'm begining to think there is a rift between Robdar and XW?

    LOL, chill peeps. You can't kick or force Robdar off the board. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing may be worthy of some debate. My point though, is that it is un-elegant to attack her everytime she post a dumb joke, or an inconsistancy, or something so seemingly pointless as to give fluff a bad name; there are no laws or even rules against that. Perhaps if you save them up, they will tell a story one day that will be quite clear to everyone.

    Besides, her brother may shoot you.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Thank you, Lauralisa. What a kind gesture. It's not easy finding woman who seem interested in the Police Action against the civilian. I gave up looking for a positive outlet even within the ranks of so called "patriots" because the same bickering and name calling gets so friggen old. As you are probably aware of, the list of murdered "citizens" you'de think, would demand an out and out cry for justice, but until it hits closer to home I'm thinking most people could care less. It seems easier for the majority to care about what is happening in other countries, not that it isn't important, than what is happening daily under our noises here at home.

    I drink decaf by the way. And I enjoy a good herb tea, too.


  • xenawarrior

    Um- excuse me a sec.

    "Post it and they will come" I have every right to post in any thread on this board in opposition to what is being posted. At least I think I do. The fact that there is no love lost between Robdar and me has no bearing here. I would have responded just as vehemently if ANYONE had posted that. I don't happen to think it's humorous at all.

    The other thing is that an April Fool's joke is supposed to be believable in order to actually "fool" anyone. Which only makes the mockery of the tragic events that it stemmed from even worse.

    So how bout next Halloween two of us dress up and go to a party. I'll dress up as the Weaver woman holding a baby with her head blown off and someone else can go as the paid sniper. Pretty funny eh?

    And how would it have been if I had posted in the thread about the dead puma at the zoo- "Hey, do you know what they are doing with the fur? I need a new jacket" Funny?

    There are some things that I just don't think are funny. To me it's a matter of respect. And I have a right to post that TO ANYONE.


  • Xena
    I have every right to post in any thread on this board in opposition to what is being posted. At least I think I do.

    lol yes you do xw...and other people have a right to post that they don't agree with you...and if they have an opinion about why you post where you do...they can post that both ways ya know

    Personally I didn't find the joke that funny (sorry Robyn) but I wasn't mortally offended either...however the ensuing comments were interesting to say the least...

  • SixofNine
    And how would it have been if I had posted in the thread about the dead puma at the zoo- "Hey, do you know what they are doing with the fur? I need a new jacket" Funny?

    lol, well yeah, now that you mention it.

    Now you can't tell me that you don't see a little humor in the idea of Uday Hussein handcuffing himself to Robdar as his own personal human shield, lol. He'd probably make her wear a soccer outfit !

  • notperfectyet

    I have a bid in for that Puma coat!

    And I know Xena and Tydyy are divorcing and like to swing, hey guys...can we get together later?

    And Sixy, is it true you have a problem finishing the deal?

    Oh, and grannylinda and lauralisa, stay by the window and gossip and watch the world go by as you do afternoon politics.

    Teejay, can you teach robdar your honesty?

    adam???, you were fooled by eve...go on now......

    HA HA HA..Aprils Fools!!!!!!!!!!!

    just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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