So Long, I'm Off to Iraq to be a Human Shield

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  • ashitaka

    Everyones so damn sensitive about a joke, but support a war where famlies in cars are being killed (not on purpose I admit, just wrong place wrong time). Still, supporting a wrong war is cool, but this joke is SOOOOOOOO offensive? What about political humor regarding Iraq in the newpaper? Do you protest that?


  • Robdar


    What you said is true. Most of the ones "offended" by this joke support the war. And they can't see their own hypocrisy. Oh well, more amusement for me.

    Now for the ones who feel that this joke was in poor taste, tough cookies. I have a dark sense of humor and I refuse to apologize for it. Tell yall what, you let me know how badly you want me to feel and I will let you know when I get there. Deal?

    Thanks for posting, everybody.



  • berylblue

    You scared me!

    BTW, where is South Jersey are you from? I grew up in Mt. Ephraim, had a home in Pine Hill, and then lived in Maple Shade.


  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hi Ashi; that really upset me today - but I have just heard on the news that the warning shot they were supposed to give was forgotten and they fired into the car killing the women and children...horrific times.

    This whole war leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Adam

    OH---MY----GOD. If anyone is honestly offended by this they should really go live in a cabin in the woods somewhere far from the real world. It's a harsh world out there and there's a lot that's not pink and fuzzy. People say "niggardly" and people wear fur and other people even make jokes that are not utterly sterilized and boring. GET OVER IT! Of course the wolves out in the woods kill and eat rabbits so close your eyes too.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    As the expression goes, "one man's cup of tea is another man's poison." There are many things in life that I find offensive. How about US politicians with their mantra, "save the children" while Amerikans burn how many? in Waco! Many children counted amongst the dead, eh. But of course that has been nearly 10 years ago and the average joe has this uncanny ability to forget such horrors brought against their own.

    Or how about the Weaver family in Idaho just mere months before Waco? Have we forgotten about the 14 year old son being shot in the back; or the mother who had her head blown off by a paid sniper as she held her infant child...?

    Out of how many government representatives this country supports; how many of their sons/daughters' are on the "front" helping to secure "freedom?" I'd bet the number is shockingly low. After all, that's why the expression "cannon fodder" aka: your sons/daughters, but not their's.

    Long live King George...oh, just kidding. April fools day, eh.


  • myself

    I have only one thing to say:

    More fries please

  • Robdar

    LOL @ Myself.

    I'll take a large order with one side of mayo and one side of ketchup.

    Oh, and a big ol Vanilla Dr Pepper to wash it down with.


  • Valis

    This thread was a doubt about it...silly! I heard the same poster speak of going out and doing something to show your support...besides showing leg....well get your ass on a plane and prove your point robs...otherwise don't tell supporters of the troops or other people being patriots (by expressing their opinions right or wrong) to get up and be seem to think you can bring something up like this and not have it be a trigger for people who really believe most of the time you don't reflect even your own reality truthfully, much less inflame such a volatile subject. Do or say whatever you want, but know that when you post stuff everyone has the right to respond and eventually people will get tired of hearing bullshit from your end. I have tried to stay out of this, but you are making it harder and harder everyday and with every sounds like crap and I try to be very fair with everyone, but I wouldn't trust anything you say as far as I could throw you. So be it...I've said my peace on it. I wish this thread had gotten locked long ago.


    District Overbeer of the "Tired Of It From BOTH Sides" class

  • JH

    Don't take a too large order of Mcdonalds Robdar, it could be Dangerous.

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