So Long, I'm Off to Iraq to be a Human Shield

by Robdar 42 Replies latest social humour

  • Robdar

    JH Three times for emphasis? Thanks for posting.



  • xenawarrior
    XW you are getting so predictable. Thanks for not disappointing.

    Yes it is quite predictable that I would have a problem with ANYONE making a joke out of something so serious.

    Lime green mu-mus?!? I am laffing hysterically at that mental picture. And the visual of Gopher in an orange mumu tickled me so much that I about wet my pants!

    Why don't you try the visual from where this all comes from. Try the visual of the Iraqis putting small children in their trucks to protect their troops or putting terrified women and children around them to walk around with. "Laff hysterically" over that visual Robdar

    You say you have so much compassion for the Iraqi's. Yet you make an April Fool's joke about the very thing they are suffering. Some compassion.

    Sorry but this IS NOT funny.


  • QCA1

    Hi Rob

    If your going your taking me with ya girl.


  • Robdar

    XW, I hear ya barking, I just can't make out what you are saying. I find any criticism that you may make of me to be hysterically funny. So, please, keep amusing me. Not stalking, indeed.



  • Robdar

    Hi QCA1

    LauraLisa and I have decided to stop over in Hawaii for a while. Wont you join us?

    Thanks for posting.



  • Jesika

    I normally don't post on ANY of the war threads, but I have to agree with XW on this one. I think it is in poor taste!!


    And all this time I thought a 'HUMAN SHIELD' was a condom .

  • riz

    a human shield, eh? that's a real kneeslapper. i agree with xenawarrior too.

  • scootergirl

    I agree 110%.......poor taste. I was watching this weekend about how poor innocent women and chidren are being used in Iraq for human sheilds. Made my heart go out to terrible. VERY POOR TASTE, ROBDAR. You outdid yourself on this one!

  • Yizuman

    I agree, this is in bad taste....

    There are in no doubt Iraqi citizens being forced into military installations knowing full well it'll get blown up. Saddam has no qualms in killing his own people however he sees fit. Especially for his news propaganda when they televise body parts of civilians that got blown up by missles or to say the least, I wouldn't be suprised if they stuffed civilians into buildings and blew them up themselves and then take pictures of them, then say on their television media that we did this.

    There will be more of them just like the previous victims in the near future.....


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