Favorite authors?

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  • manon

    Robert Graves, Tom Wolf, I love the classics, everything Shakespeare, Robert L. Stevenson, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain.

    Oh yeah, anything printed at bethel headquarters (not).

  • berylblue

    I am not very well read...spent high school smoking in the girl's room or at the mall or at the racetrack....

    But I do love George Orwell and Oscar Wilde.

    Richard Lewellyn's "How Green Was My Valley" is quietly beautiful.


  • Huxley

    Salinger, Hesse, Robert Bly, and most recently Paul Auster...

    (Joannadandy..nice list!)

    oh yeah,, and Aldous Huxley


  • Farkel

    Celia, my Friend!

    : Guy de Maupassant

    Ah, his masterpiece (in my mind) was "The Necklace"

    I'm disappointed you never commented on my hard work with the Camille Saint Saens's "Danse Macabre." I spent nearly a year learning this one, dear.

    It's on this board. Somewhere. If you cannot find the link to at (my favorite musical offering so far) then write me and I will furnish you the link, dear Celia.

    This was a major work of love for me and I was most pleased to present it to you readers of all of this stuff.


  • heathen

    Really like CS Lewis writings , tolkien, Terry Brooks ,Stephen R Donaldson, stephen King ,Dean Koontz, Frank Herbert.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Roger Zelazny (who passed away in 1995)..

    This poem was written as a tribute to him:

    "In Shadow"

    Copyright 2002 by Michael Hanson

    In dreams he walks both young and hale
    within a shaded silver vale
    in native beaver mocassins
    he strides into a greater pale.

    Coyote guards this hidden way
    and raven bows his head to pray
    a soft and patterned amber voice
    speaks of our loss in Sante Fe.

    Death came at Summer's soft request
    to still his mighty royal breast
    and now his children beckon us
    to share their journeys and their quests.

    His dreams are joyous, fresh and free
    their shadows haunt us willingly
    and give him life in memory
    and give him life in memory.
  • bebu

    I loved "The Necklace" as well. It somehow reminds me of the short story "The Gift of the Magi" by O'Henry.

    (BTW, Celia/Farkel, the link to the piano piece was on a thread dealing with Roman Polanski's movie, and the controversy over him/it. I clicked onto that page, and of all the music choices, I chose the Danse Macabre. All I can say is, God really lets the sun shine on the just and unjust... ;) what an amazing gift for a grumpy guy... ) :)

    Oh yeah! Harry Potter books! I love them. Love Grimm's fairytales, too.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Wow Joanna! What classy choices you have. One of these days I'll develop the attention span to read those authors works all the way through. I USED to be a big science fiction fan, though not really anymore.

    I've read every release of Michael Crichton

    Liked Ray Bradbury. I actually have a couple signed books.

    Emily Bronte. How fabulous is Wuthering Heights?

    JD Salanger. Besides Catcher In The Rye, he has some very quirky short stories.

    I love Maya Angelou. And then I like to read Edgar Allen Poe right after Robert Frost. Or Frost right after Poe.

    Gotta go check out my bookcase to jog my memory. Great thread though

  • TheSilence

    edgar allen poe, jean m auel, and jk rowling (how do you not love harry potter )


  • Dansk


    Read his thread, it's hilarious: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/49149/1.ashx


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